Cyber Imprimatur…for a price

TORONTO, September 16, 2009 ( – Salt and Light Television President and CEO, Fr. Thomas Rosica, is continuing his public campaign against  In an interview article on the Toronto diocese’s Catholic Register website today, he blames this news service for death threats, and “vile, vile phone calls” he says he has received.

“It’s a mixture of the LifeSite crowd, LifeSite subscribers combined with EWTN viewers who have now set themselves above the church,” Rosica told the Catholic Register.

Speaking of LSN specifically he said, “When they run up against somebody they disagree with they condemn them and they do an ad hominem attack. It’s character assassination.”
In a rather telling omission, the article’s author, Michael Swan, failed to note most of Rosica’s own incendiary comments that garnered the irate responses from many.  The Register did report that Rosica was  “blaming LifeSiteNews for stirring up ‘division, destruction, hatred, vitriol, judgment and violence’.”

… Read the rest of the LSN editorial here.  Original Catholic Register article here.

Excerpt from Catholic Register article: “The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops has scheduled a closed-door session on independent blogs and web sites claiming to be Catholic at its October plenary. Rosica said he also hopes the Pontifical Council on Social Communication takes up the issue.”


In the event that any bishop is reading this….  

While you have the authority handed on to you by Christ, its strength and power only comes when you are teaching the Gospel in truth and with boldness. 

Do not deceive yourselves into thinking that a mere administrative framework to “imprimatur” Catholic blogs will help you gain the credibility you demand, nor, for that matter, will a cheap declaration which says that only the Bishops teach in the Name of Christ.

We understand your authority comes from Christ.  We know the drill.

If you are not defending the Faith and instead making it a mockery among the nations, don’t expect us to take you too seriously on Life Issues, and don’t expect our credibility to lessen and yours to increase because you merely will it to be so.

When you walk the talk and take the hit, then we’ll take you seriously. Otherwise, it’s just more holy hot air.

Catholic Bloggers wouldn’t be needed to explain and defend the Faith in these situations, and you wouldn’t perceive us as a threat (which we are most certainly not),  if you were faithful to your vocation as Father and Teacher.

Moreover, as the Development & Peace Abortion Scandal showed everyone, people look at the facts and make a judgement.  The hierarchy and the main stream Catholic press has not been very good at admitting the facts, while blogs and internet news sources have been very good at presenting them.  If the Canadian Church wants to improve its credibility, then it should start, as a first step, in admitting the facts.  (If you are particularly courageous and honest, you can start by addressing that massive betrayal known as the Winnipeg Statement).   If bishops start to conceal who was receiving Communion at the Kennedy funeral, or refuse to admit that Development and Peace has been funding pro-abortion, anti-Catholic groups in the Global South, here’s a newsflash for you:  it doesn’t go a long way with establishing your credibility.  Quite the opposite actually.

We may be mere children to you, but we’re not morons, and we’re not your fools either.  

Stop smiling for the cameras and listening to Yo-Yo.  Feed the sheep real food instead of rocks, real milk instead of Koolaid. 

Then things will get better.

p.s. For people concerned about the airing of dirty laundry, let me remind you all of a couple truths:

1) Rather the scandal of being offended, than the Church continuing to betray its concrete witness to the unborn.

2) Rather the risk of losing some to “divisiveness” in the acrimony of debate, than the risk of losing more through disgust and frustration because of massive pastoral betrayal or the lethal indifference of fellow Catholics.

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