Please take 30 seconds to affirm this good priest

A brave priest in New Jersey named Fr. Joseph Astarita is now facing some heat for doing the right thing. Please send Fr. Joseph an email to support him in his faithfulness: The story is summarized below.

A gay choir director at a Catholic church in New Jersey has quit his job because he says the priest is making his work environment hostile.


Russell, who grew up Catholic, said his work environment has become hostile since a new priest took over and started strongly preaching against homosexuality.

“The sermon line was that marriage between two men is a lie,” Russell said. (Source)

Do I hear Amen? Continue reading:

Russell said it wasn’t the sermon, but what the priest told him in private that made him realize it was time to go.

“When I spoke to Father Joseph and I told him that I was a gay man in a domestic-partner relationship, he told me that he would eventually like a children’s choir and that I wouldn’t be a good example to lead a children’s choir,” Russell said. (Source)

Based on this account from the “victim” it sounds like Fr. Joseph was surprisingly gentle and “pastoral” in how he spoke to Mr. Russell. He doesn’t sound very “hostile” to me. He didn’t make any threats or condemnations. He didn’t even address the sin directly, but expressed his concern indirectly by stating that it wouldn’t be a good example for the children. He did exactly what every priest should do in a similar situation. Unfortunately, in this day of compromise and persecution, such an act of faithfulness becomes heroic.

It’s unfortunate that Mr. Russell chose to leave the parish rather than repent and turn away from his homosexual lifestyle. He may yet do it in the future, who knows?

May God bless you, Fr. Joseph, for your dedication and truthfulness.

Why don’t you take 30 seconds to give this priest a little support and encouragement?

One thought on “Please take 30 seconds to affirm this good priest

  1. Politically Correct Relativism has replaced Christianity in Government, Law and Education and thus has permeated Western Civilization. It is a doctrine that teaches all worldviews are equally true and beneficial. Once the majority is educated in this, from Kindergarten by so-called Social Justice School Teachers they will accept this as a way of life, so they can be easily manipulated. In the guise of Separation of Church and State this new worldview and religion of Politically Correct Relativism has been politically established. This is certainly not the same Christian Country in Government, Law and Education that many of our forefathers escaped tyranny to fight for in the Great Wars.
    Our Democratic Western Civilizations Laws are made by Bills passed into Law in our Legislatures and Parliament by elected politicians, thus the voting citizens are responsible for electing Traditional Family Values Politicians who pass wholesome Bills into law, for a safer society.
    Has anyone studied the Centers For Disease Control or The Public Health Agency of Canada HIV and AIDS Surveillance Report which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Homosexuality is extremely deadly? What about Gay Bowel Syndrome a collection of bowel deceases which is endemic in the homosexual population causing the mechanical dis-function of the lower bowel tract, and proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Sodomy is Morbid? Why are these Legal and promoted to Public School Children by so-called social justice public school teachers , and Canadian Governments? Has almost everyone gone stark raving made in Canada and Western Civilization believing this new Politically Correct worldview and religion, that exploits our most vulnerable valuable citizens, who deserve our protection instead of abuse?
    Two Homosexual scientists Dean Hammer and Simon La Vay claim to have discovered a Homosexual gene, but no other scientist anywhere can repeat their experiments to prove them. This is BS meaning Bad Science. The Popular Media also helps to spread this BS to impressionable people. Why would anyone subscribe to newspapers and popular media who promote the morbid activity to public school children from Kindergarten or elect politicians and political Parties with morbid policies? This BS is spread to Impressionable Public and Catholic School Children as truth by adult so-called social justice school teachers and that is diabolical. Homosexual behavior Is proven to be deadly to ones health, and ought not to be taught to impressionable schoolchildren by adult teachers as just another healthy alternative lifestyle they can pursue.
    This is not homophobia, heterophobia or discrimination of any kind, but common sense proven by verifiable scientific facts.
    Therefore Parents and Concerned Citizens have every “right” to put an end to this morbid indoctrination of Canadian Children by adult teachers who should know better. What kind of so-called Christian leaders and their followers promote this sickness? Don’t you think?

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