The Tablet – That Filthy Rag

“There is no more mileage in this issue for the Catholic Church,” the editorial continued, “and the sensible course would be to put it on the back burner with the heat turned low – to make peace with the gay world and move on.” (Source)

And you wonder why these kind of fraudulent “Catholic” publications continue to exist.  Here’s a hint:

Just before the cardinal’s latest statement, a follow-up piece in last weekend’s Observer – the Sunday edition of the liberal Guardian – provided more details about the four men who came forward, one of whom said that while he “never wanted to ‘out’ Keith just for being gay… he has hurt others, probably worse, than he affected me. And that only became clear a few weeks ago.” (Source)

If something doesn’t look right and something doesn’t really make sense why it continues not to look right, don’t always assume the best intentions.

Former Bishop Lahey was also a “champion” of marriage too…just like Cardinal “Keith” was.

I have a few suspicions on who I think is Gay in the Canadian hierarchy too, but I can’t say anything unless I have hard proof.

I hope I never get that hard proof, because I’d hate to break it to you all that all that glitters is not gold.

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