Synod Working Document: “Too Negative” Say Bishops

At the Synod of Bishops, a clear common theme emerged from the reports of small groups that have been discussing the Synod’s working document: virtually every group said that the instrumentum laboris was overly preoccupied with the problems of marriage and family life, and did not provide enough encouragement and guidance for the faithful who are committed to living out their vocations in the family….(Source)


I find it strange indeed how Pope Francis and the progressives keep talking about that one sheep without dealing with the other 99 who, sorry for them, only have comparatively minor problems in their lives.  I guess you have to be an obstinate heretic (who couldn’t give a flying flag about the Church’s mercy) to get any attention.  If you are just struggling along with your spouse and children and trying to live a Catholic life, despite enormous challenges, well, you’re out of luck, chump.  The progressives only want to talk about the freaks who want holy communion while still shacked up, and to affirm the positive qualities of “irregular unions” (how I loath that phrase….more language porn).

I also see a great irony here. What happened to the conservative faction during Vatican II is now happening to the progressive faction during this Synod.  During Vatican II, the progressives were successful in chucking the original schemas prepared by Curia officials.  Now, this time around, turn about is fair play and the vast majority of bishops are kicking that heretical working document to the curb.

I find it fascinating to note that heresy and stupidity always go hand in hand when you look at these things from an orthodox lens.  If you look at what the progressives are trying to do i.e.. the scam of mercy, you will quickly see that it will spell disaster to struggling marriages who rely on the fact that the Church will not grant them an easy annulment.  And that resistance is just enough in many cases to encourage the couple to try again.  That is just the nature of our fallen human nature.  Heresy and its counterpart in economics, socialism, just refuse to acknowledge original sin and the propensity to evil among men and women.

Sometimes you do need law and formalized resistance to weakness.  That doesn’t sound all lovey dovey, I readily admit, but true happiness comes through perseverance and never through capitulation to the culture.

Pope Francis’s push for mercy has not as yet been properly balanced with law and natural justice.  This Synod and the bishops’ witness to him will, God willing, provide that balance so that we can have a final text that is truly of the Holy Spirit.


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