Synod Turns Violent — I’m loving this!

There’s only one way to stop this. Cardinal Pell, it’s rumored today, stood up during the proceedings on Thursday when the Synod leaders seemed to have decided on their own authority not to publish the reports of the small groups, presumably because they were uniformly tough on what’s been too soft. He slammed his hand on the table and said, “You must stop manipulating this Synod.” That forced a general vote – and the reports were published. (Source)

My goodness, what will the Serenity Crowd make of this?  It’s shocking!  The violence! The reactionary tone! The anger!

Shouldn’t someone stop him?

Hell, no.

The problem is that many of you have not seen a bishop who means business and is willing to assert his masculinity. That’s a refreshing change in group of men whose strong minority demonstrates other tendencies and orientations.

If the Vatican wants to eliminate poverty, all they have to do is start selling tickets for 2015.  They’ll raise enough money to eradicate poverty for the next 100 years.

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