Synod maybe setting stage for next saintly Pope

Thankfully, God can always make good come out of evil. The Synod is no exception.

Be sure of this: following all the speeches and verbal porn over the past 18 months, all the bishops and cardinals know exactly where everyone stands on a bunch of key issues. The Judases and Saints are clearly labelled.

The College of Cardinals is probably better informed than at any point in history.

There won’t be any uncertainty at the next conclave, I can guarantee you. Cardinals will know exactly who to pick that reflects their beliefs. That means that the outcome will essentially give us a census on the health the College of Cardinals. If we get a liberal Pope, that means that the majority of cardinals are liberal.

But I don’t think we’re there. I think the majority of voting cardinals are still faithful to Jesus and that we’ll probably get a saintly Pope.

God will that it be so.

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