Synod opens, CDF priest comes out

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The Synod couldn’t have gotten off to a weirder start.

Jesus staked his position by stating His unchanging teaching on marriage in today’s Gospel reading:

“Whoever divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery against her; and if she divorces her husband and marries another, she commits adultery.”

Meanwhile, a priest and university prof working at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith announced that he’s gay and has a boyfriend. He also published a pro-gay Manifesto demanding that the Church change Jesus’ teaching on homosexuality. He was immediately fired. Read about the sad story here.

How will this impact the Synod debates? I dunno. But the fired priest is naturally getting a lot of coverage and sympathy from the mainstream media. That could provide momentum to the reformers in the Synod who want to change Church teaching.

The battle lines have been drawn. Saddle up.

One thought on “Synod opens, CDF priest comes out

  1. Secular Humanist Christianity is an oxymoron.
    The Catholic Clergy and those of the Protestant cults know this.So do our hedonist democratic so-called “neutral” secular governments,courts,schools and popular media. One cannot pretend to be a Christian in an edifice called church and then become a secular pagan once he walks out.This is what passes for Christianity in so-called “neutral” Secular Western Civilization Today.In The New Testament the ones who behave like this are called pretenders,because that is what people like these really are. The homosexuals who are less than 2% of the public,who cannot naturally have children of their own, have politically united to have sodomy,promiscuous sex and homosexual marriage legalized,so they can use adult school teachers and hedonist activists to recruit your children in tax funded government schools,as legalized so-called secular human rights. All of our Political Parties have changed their policies to accommodate this politically united less than 2% of the public to recruit your children in schools to increase their numbers,using adult school teachers,because they have pressured governments change school curriculums to normalize homosexuality to malleable school children.What else passes for health and sex education in schools today? Catholics and Protestants are you more than 2% of the voting public? Are you real Christians or Secular Hedonist Cults? What has your political apathy and indifference done to our former Christian Civilization in Government,Law and Education where school teachers led students in The Lord’s Prayer,The Ten Commandments were on Governmental establishments,Court and Schoolhouse walls and in the majorities minds,and sex education was dating,courtship and waiting for sex in faithful marriage to one of the opposite sex? Even The Popular Media and Government funded media wasn’t so rotten. If you can’t save your children from hedonist schools which indoctrinate them into the values of evil,how then can you unite to save Lord Christ’s Church? Praying without politically acting on your prayer is like praying to Secular Humanist Hedonists to stop perverting your children, in so-called “neutral” secular schools with your tax money.We must pray that our people will stand for Lord Christ again.

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