Synod: Back To Basics

I read around rather funny calls from Catholic bloggers and commenters – mostly, of dubious orthodoxy – for a better marketing.  They ask: “How can we express the beauty of marriage in new ways? How can we explain it to people in ways they can relate to? How can we make God’s message more involving, more exciting, more fun?”  Mundabor has a simple answer to this: we don’t have to, because it’s not to be done in the first place. Christianity is very harsh. Marriage isn’t easy. It never was, it never will be. Life, in general, isn’t an amusement park, or easy, or even fair. Let’s stop kidding ourselves that we have a right to the amusement park. Let’s go back to basics instead. Let us stop with the fluffy talking, the inclusive nonsense, the “space for love” thinly veiled heresy, which means “I want to have my cake and eat it, otherwise I will feel betrayed”. The reason why concubinage and adultery are not allowed is, at the very bottom of things, hell. This is what people must be said: if you live in sin, you expose yourself to a very, very concrete risk of hell. That’s it. No, really. No, shut up. End of discussion. No debate. No democracy. No fluffy words….(Source)

Precisely.  Sometimes bloggers and pundits need to STFU and stop reinventing marriage to make it more palatable to the great unwashed.  Sometimes – most of the time – the great unwashed do know what marriage is and simply reject it.  For some reason the latter option has not registered with the new regime in the Church.  Jesus’ warning about being hated or rejected outright for what we do, in fact, believe simply has not sunk in yet.

No, friend, they really and truly hate Jesus’s hard teachings. That’s it. That’s all. Move on.

One thought on “Synod: Back To Basics

  1. Amen, Amen, Amen. I am so tired of people in their stupid pride saying we have to make Jesus’ Truth and teaching “palatable”or more fun, or more”nice” God Forbid, or that we need to sell the Gospel and or do it with “luv’ Doing it with Love , True love is telling it like it is, just as Jesus says. How insulting, condescending or yes pride filled we are to even think we should have to add or take away from everything that is contained PERFECTLY as He says it. That’s it that’s all Enough.
    This crap dialoguing is nauseating. God made us for Truth, not anything else and yes it is that simple you are either choosing what He says and embracing ALL of it or you are not. Choose life or death. That simple. Also, of course the phrase asked of Peter, three.. count it three times, by Our Blessed Lord, should make us think , “Do you love me?” Really think about it, meditate on this phrase and what exactly it means. Do “we”? If we love Him, we will keep HIS pure, unadulterated WORD, not altered or censored, in any way, by anyone prince or pauper. JESUS SAID , “I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE, NO ONE comes to the FATHER.. EXCEPT BY ME.” He also said, “I AM the SAME Yesterday, Today and Forever.” Any and all who in prideful arrogance attempt to change that,after having studied and gotten to KNOW Him and HIs Church let them be anathema. Anyway, we have no excuse… for the Blueprint containing all Truth of Our Heavenly Blessed Holy Trinity God is put on our hearts when we are born.

    I was at Mass this morning and after hearing yet another jab towards those who hold the reverant act of full genuflecting before Our Blessed Lord being mocked by the Priest , I should not have been surprised to witness no Priest serving up Holy Communion but instead a slew of Eucharistic “ministers” as if in rebellion. Lord Have Mercy it is a reflection of man’s pride, this mockery of all that is Blessed True and Holy and based in Tradition. Oh I forgot to mention the ever present liturgical change… yet again. Is this ANY way to treat Our King , Our Blessed Lord and Saviour and HIS Church and Her Sacraments? NOOOOOOO!It makes one weep, but we know Jesus and Our Blessed Vigin and Mother have been weeping for for longer than we can imagine and now it is time to fight back with all one can muster to show those who try to destroy Holy Mother Church that we mean business and will fight for Her and say Yeh! when people shun us and call us fundamentalist and oh here is a good one zealots. Shout it out with all you have the Truth especially when people try to make you feel like you are weird or not presenting His Fundamental Truth about Life and all things He Preached regarding Sin, Judgement Heaven and Hell, because you love Him first and you want people to know what He says matters and you care about souls going to Heaven , and it is no cakewalk and few go there and the road is narrow etc., and time it urgent, and we know not the hour…It is ALL THAT MATTERS. When He returns will He find Faith? I am hated for my love of Him as clumsy and undignified it may appear at times, because honestly I can be clumsy, but I do not care< all that I care about IS …Does He know I love Him FIRST and foremost before people position and certainly prestige. I am talking to much about me. Thank You Lord God for You, Thank YOu for Our Blessed Mother Mary, St. Joseph, St. Michael and All The Saints and Angles, for YOUR Majestical Wondrous Being and Your Awesome Church and , just Thank YOU, Thank YOU Thank YOU, I love You and Adore Only You, and I m sorry for all my offenses and tripping over myself all the time. Bit by bit , my steps toward You will become straighter, as long as I keep my eyes on You alone, and just like Peter as He was walking on the water whilst gazing at ONLY YOU, and following ONLY YOU in Your Truth about YOur One Holy Catholic Church and Salvation to be found Only Within Her… if we keep our eyes on JUST YOU, we will also not sink, EVEN in the midst of the storms raging around us that are attempting to drown us in a sea of heretical, diabolical discouragement and/or,God forbid despair. Remember pray, plea, be patient and persevere. and NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, GIVE UP!!!

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