Swine Flu

I rarely watch the television (Well, I must admit watching Desperate Housewives and The Amazing Race with my sister and CSI Miamiwith my parents).  This includes not watching the TV news.  And I do not read the newspapers.  I have been hearing about the potential “swine flu” epidemic on the radio.  My immediate thought was, oh no here we go again!  Trusting official Mexican reports (!) of 70 or more deaths due to swine flu (in a country where bureaucratic corruption, cluelessness, and incompetence is the norm and in a city of 30 million where basic medicine is a luxury and more people die of regular flu or diarrhea at any given time).  For a while there was no reported deaths in North America even amongst the usual groups that succumb to flu (i.e. weakened elderly and infants). In a usual January-February flu season I would hear of five or six elderly patients dying at just one nursing home I used to visit.  Finally the news media seized on the death of a baby in Texas.  Now people are fearing a “pandemic” is about to be unloosed.  My response:  Get a life!  Grow up!  Think for yourselves.  Stop letting the government and media pull you by the nose.  People who worry about these things are probably the same fools that don’t go out in the summer without soaking every exposed pore of skin with OFF for fear of being bit by a mosquito and contracting West Nile Virus.

Now they are telling everyone not to call it “swine flu” but “H1N1 flu.”  In Egypt the government is using the “swine flu” name and the Muslim religious prejudice against pigs (and Christians) as an excuse to order the slaughter over 300,000 pigs in that country – belonging not to Muslims, of course, but to the persecuted, poor and often destitute Christian population.  Basically taking the food right out of their mouths.

Here is a news story from Lifesite followed by something I sent a couple years ago.

– Fr. Elijah 

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