5 thoughts on “Sweden rules females can be terminated…because they are females

  1. It really displays the inherent inconsistency that exists within the radical feminist value system….in the end it’s not about women and all about an empty, ugly ideology. I doubt you will see this story very much in the MSM either…..way to uncomfortable and difficult to justify — much easier to look the other way.

  2. I’m not sure why this would be “self-defeating.” Under that legal interpretation, I could abort male babies on the grounds that they were male, too.

    It’s this free access to abortion for arbitrary reasons that’s upsetting you. Don’t get sidetracked by smarmy asides about feminism.

  3. Not sure what your point was, Dave. But my point is rather clear. Feminism is what enabled abortion. Now abortion is being selectively used to target females…the very group which feminism is supposed to “protect”, and the feminists are, by and large, OK with it.

    That’s why feminism is self-defeating, and that’s why feminism is not about ALL women. It’s about asserting rights of SOME women over others.

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