Surge in Pro-Life Millennials Ushers NARAL Leader’s Exit

…“I definitely see the intensity gap on college campuses,” she said. “We have nearly 700 groups operating nationally, compared with Planned Parenthood’s 200 groups. (The pro-abortion groups) are dead. There is nothing going on. They only time we see them is when they are reacting to a Students for Life event.”

Hawkins said passing the baton to younger leadership is a solid move, but doubts it will reverse current trends.

“(The pro-abortion groups) have billions of dollars and the media on their side in promoting death,” she said. “It’s not going to be enough. They are on the defensive. We have truth on our side. We will ban abortion in our lifetime.”… (Source)

I know it’s still hard to fathom, especially under the abortion regime of human trafficker-Stephen Harper, but abortion is on the way out – not only in the U.S. but here in Canada as well.  Just like the young woman from Students for Life says,  the other side has the money and the media (and bare breasts apparently if the occasion calls for it), but it’s just not going to be enough.  They need the truth and they literally can’t handle the truth (to borrow a Hollywood cliché).   And when you can’t handle the truth, your days are numbered.

The huge, impenetrable edifice – sustained by money, media, and the smug and insufferable champagne classes – is hollow and quickly disintegrating from within.  They sell death and despair and eventually people do clue in.   It really sucks to be a pro-aborter these days.  It’s all downhill from here…and, deep down, they all know it.

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