Supreme Court downgrades women to sex toys

You’ve probably heard that the Supreme Court has struck down federal laws regarding prostitution. Regrettably, this turns back the clock with respect to the advancement of women’s rights, equality, and dignity. Of course, there exist some male prostitutes. However, since the vast majority of prostitutes are women,  they are the group suffering violence from this ruling.

Canadian society has generally shunned prostitution, for good reason. Most Canadians intuitively know that prostitution is beneath the dignity of women. No woman, regardless of her financial or emotional distress, should feel that prostitution is her only recourse. Women deserve so much better than that.

Indeed, prostitution is beneath the dignity of women. However, the Supreme Court ruling affirms the opposite. In their view, and in the view of interest groups that support the ruling, prostitution is a legitimate career choice that must be protected by law. In their view, women may freely be used as sex toys by horny men. By stating that prostitution is not beneath women’s dignity, they are downgrading all women in the country.

Their argument rests on a distorted notion of “free choice”.  Let’s leave aside the obvious fact that the vast majority of prostitutes choose this occupation as a last resort or under coercion, not because it’s a promising career move they’ve dreamed of since childhood. The real problem with the “free choice” argument is that it is disconnected from the truth of women’s intrinsic value and dignity. This reality will never change, regardless of all the utopic regulations or government supervision advocated by the pro-prostitution crowd. Women will always deserve better than being rented out as sex slaves. They will always deserve equality with men.

Quite frankly, if a woman doesn’t realize that prostitution is below her dignity, then she needs to be told just how precious she is,  and she needs to be provided with support so that she never feels the urge to resort to such an extreme degradation of herself. God gave her an inherent dignity that is way above prostitution. We should be fighting to uphold her and protect her, not selling her off to the highest bidder.

Where on earth is the feminist outrage to this ruling?

One thought on “Supreme Court downgrades women to sex toys

  1. The other night, on Michael Coren’s show, I saw none other than Joyce Arthur speaking out for prostitutes. I don’t know if Michael knew who she was, but he referred to her as a “prostitute”.
    So my question is, is Joyce Arthur a prostitute as well as being the spokesperson (or perhaps only person) for the Coalition for Abortion Rights in Canada?

    Or am I the only person who recognized Ms Arthur in this segment?

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