Support Resolution P-203

It’s been some time since I’ve waded into the free speech controversy that had flared up over the past year.  I’ve had other issues and events occupying my time.  Readers of SoCon or Bust know that we were right on the front lines when the whole thing began to explode, and were able to smoke out some pretty damning evidence against the CHRC and its bozo operatives –  the kind of evidence, I should add, which would get members booted from an honorable profession.  There haven’t been too many boots so I’ll let the reader draw his or her own conclusion as to the state of the legal profession in Canada today. 

Free speech, properly understood, is a fundamental cornerstone of any functioning democracy.  The fact that it is under such attack by the Thugs of Political Correctness TM  also indicates how well our democracy is functioning.

I don’t hold up much hope for this resolution, to be honest. Not that it won’t pass at the convention.  I believe that it will.  The problem is not with Conservative Party Members. It’s with the Conservative Party and the Man with the MuzzleTM  who leads it.  Wasn’t there something in the press recently about some functionary in the PMO reminding everyone that silly CPC resolutions are not binding on the leader of the Conservative Party?  If you haven’t heard it yet, you will – right after this resolution passes.  The human rights abuses of the various Human Rights Commissions in this country will likekly continue because Stephen Harper has no political courage to face this issue, even though he has a virtual majority status in Parliament for at least the next year. 

I fully endorse and support this resolution, and I encourage the Conservative Party members to vote for its overwhelming passage.  I also hope that each member puts individual pressure on Harper and his cabinet to remind them that their futures depend on their movement on this resolution.  If free speech REALLY does mean enough to you, then you’ll make sure that you’re willing to yank support for Harper unless he moves. It’s really that simple.

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