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We don’t typically think of solid news sources as objects of charity.  For sure, these days main stream media outlets are rightly considered objects of scorn and derision from people of faith and family.  They are regarded as such because they twist and manipulate current events to their own perverse ends instead of simply reporting the news.  With precious few exceptions, if secular news outlets are not grossly distorting the news, they are ignoring it when it does not advance their agenda.

But if we think about what true charity really is, we will understand that, first and foremost, charity is about restoring a sense of fairness and justice to a fallen world.  Charity is not always a “positive” thing either – at least not initially.  Some times, an act of charity can bring division and disturb people if it is faithful to the truth.  Our Lord Jesus Christ’s death on the cross helps us put charity in the right context. He didn’t get nailed there because He was not charitable.  His charity (read: truth telling) got Him killed.

That is why, today, the greatest act of charity is to tell the truth to people who would rather not hear it, or to tell the truth to people who need to hear it so they can act on it to attempt to restore justice.

LifeSiteNews has been at the forefront of reporting the truth for many years now, and they have provided an invaluable service to the Christian and pro-family communities.

If you want to see justice, you must be informed. But unless the messenger sends the message, you will remain in darkness and ignorance while the world and the Church around you crumble.

LSN is currently in the middle of a fund raising drive. Do your part and financially support LifeSiteNews.

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