Support Humanae Vitae

You know what day it is?  It’s the anniversary of Humanae Vitae.

44 years ago Rome spoke and the Canadian Bishops dissented two months later on September 27.

We haven’t forgotten.

Two words in this petition that stand out for me and it’s something you will never see in the episcopal regime of the past 50 years:


Your Holiness, Your Excellencies:

We the undersigned Catholic faithful express to you our gratitude for your exercise of your teaching office. We pledge to support in every possible way your efforts to teach the Faith, in all its Truth, “in season and out of season.” [2 Tim. 4:2]

As you respond to Christ’s call to “Go, and teach all nations,” the Church’s religious freedom is under attack. So is the Deposit of Faith itself, especially Humanae Vitae, the Church’s vital teaching on the sanctity of Christian marriage. Our culture is collapsing because the fundamental truths of Humanae Vitae have been forgotten or ignored.

Your Holiness, we humbly express our gratitude to Holy Mother Church for the teaching of Humanae Vitae. Thank you for your repeated requests that it be taught vigorously, and in its entirety.

Your Excellencies, we pray that you will speak out boldly and with confidence in defense of the moral truths of Humanae Vitae – all of them. Please ask your priests to preach Humanae Vitae “with confidence” and “without ambiguity” (HV, 28), fortified by prayer and with the assurance that it constitutes “a promulgation of the law of God Himself.” (HV, 20)

We thank God, and we promise to pray, for your continued teaching and “safeguarding” of “the holiness of marriage” (HV, 30) and for your valiant defense of the Faith.


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