Support abortion or stay off campus, club told

Carleton University’s official student association has banned the Ottawa institution’s anti-abortion club, offering it just one way to get back into good graces: support abortion rights.

On Monday, the Carleton University Student Association (CUSA), decertified Carleton Lifeline for its anti-abortion views. It told the club that being against abortion violated CUSA’s anti-discrimination policy, but that it could get recertified in a day or two.

“We invite you to amend your constitution to create one that respects our anti-discrimination policy as laid out above,” wrote Khaldoon Bushnaq, CUSA’s vice-president of internal affairs. “If you are able to resubmit a constitution that meets our criteria by Thursday, November 18th we will be able to certify your club for this semester.”

Ruth Lobo, the president of Carleton Lifeline, said CUSA assumes all students are “pro-choice,” which is not necessarily the case. Its policy, she said, smacked of hypocrisy.

“It’s very ironic that they have a discrimination policy that allows them to discriminate against pro-life groups,” she said. “CUSA claims to be representative of all students. As a pro-life student I am not represented by an organization I am forced to pay dues to in my tuition. Either they should create a policy in which students can opt out of fees or get rid of the discrimination policy,” Ms. Lobo said….(Source)

They’re just jackboot thugs who can’t stand to even debate. Institution of higher learning?  Don’t make me laugh.

5 thoughts on “Support abortion or stay off campus, club told

  1. The life side wants to promote their values of life and love to the culture.

    The only values the liberal minded death side imposes on the baby come in the form of a knife, a vacuum or scalding chemicals.

    The values of death and violence to get what they want are thus promoted and imposed on our society by our education establisments.

    The popular media ought to go into the abortion clinics, and show the people the pictures of the piles of dead babies who are the victims of this culture war.

    Why do you suppose they don’t ?

    The “Religion” of Politically Correct Relativism and Darwinian Humanism in Government, Law, Education and Popular Media in our culture has made Nazi’s of us all.

    After the Second World War the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal indicted ten Nazi leaders for encouraging and compelling abortion, which it considered a crime against humanity.
    Ponder Hitler’s words inscribed over one of the gas ovens in Auschwitz ,”I want to raise a generation of young people devoid of conscience, imperious, relentless and cruel.” Germany has gone in this direction before.

    The ultimate test of any civilization is how we care for our elderly and children. Children are not doing well from abortion, child pornography to human trafficking , atheistic philosophy is having its way with Canadian children. How long are Canadian citizens going to put up with this before they act?

  2. I thought I wanted to send my kids to local universities (Carleton, UofO) so that I could see them more often. Well, I think my wife and I will enjoy the rustic university setting in Barrie’s Bay (Our Lady Seat of Wisdom) when we move.

  3. We will be stroking Carleton U off our list for our daughter.
    It is not right that every other organization has freedom of expression rights, except anyone who supports life from conception to natural death. When this group speaks out they are quickly shut down.

    Perhaps it is because if the debate was truly open, the culture of death side would loose the discussion. Life would prevail.

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