Supply Side Abortion Economics

Readers of the 40 Days for Life blog are familiar with a notice I posted some time ago regarding Morgentaler’s Abortion Mill advertising for a “counselor”. You can read about it here. In that post, I expressed some doubt whether that ad had anything to do with our vigil. I figured it was merely routine given the date of the announcement.

Now I am not so sure.

I just got this message from Ground Zero…..

Great news! I heard that the Morgentaler Abortuary is now advertising for NURSES!!! It was on “Peters News”. A pro life nurse passed this on to one of our vigil participants, as she gets the job postings! She said, “I don’t know what you’re doing, but you’re doing something right!” Isn’t that awesome!? Wow! Just wanted to pass that on! God bless!

To be honest, I’m quite shocked. Can a quiet, prayerful vigil really cause such havoc on the abortion industry?

If so, then I think we have just stumbled upon the next pro-life strategy to be implemented across this country.

We need to devote some resources towards the “micro level” option to fighting abortion. For too long, we have been focusing too much of our time, energy, and resources on the politics of the issue which is really a “macro level” strategy. That still has to happen, of course, but the actual results are happening on the ground, in front of the abortion mills. That’s where we can squeeze the life right out of abortion industry.

We need to duplicate, replicate, and multiply this strategy again and again in every province in this country where abortion is present.

A big part of defeating abortion is all about “supply side abortion economics”: cut the suppliers and the economics takes care of itself.

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