Super Mom -> Super Bust

The enthusiasm for juggling high-powered careers and motherhood is on the slide in Britain and the U.S. as support for stay-at-home mothers appears to be growing, a major study said yesterday. Professor Jacqueline Scott, of the University of Cambridge, suggests growing numbers of people are concerned about the impact of working mothers on family life. The study showed that while British attitudes are more supportive of working mothers now than in the 1980s, support for the “having it all” lifestyle may have hit a high point some time in the 1990s, when about 50 per cent of women and 51 per cent of men said they thought family life would not suffer if a woman went to work. Since then, support for working mothers has fallen to 46 per cent among women and 42 per cent among men. In the U.S., changes were more dramatic, with the percentage of people arguing that family life does not suffer if a woman works dropping to 38 per cent in 2002 from 51 per cent in 1994. (Source)

This is a very positive trend and can only be a huge asset of social conservatives in the years to come.

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