Sun News Denied Basic Cable Access

 Sun News Network’s bid to be carried on basic cable across Canada was rejected by the country’s communications regulator today after it said the network failed to “clearly demonstrate its exceptional nature”, a move that could jeopardize the future of the network. (Source)

This is just another reason why we need another Conservative “TV” station in Canada.  The liberal machination of the CRTC and the rest of the corrupt media establishment are never going to play by the same rules.  Therefore, we need to create our own rules and play outside of the box.

And that’s what we’re gonna do too.  It’s called IgniteTV.  I hope you will all support it.  We’re gonna kick some ass, but we’ll need your boots to do it.

One thought on “Sun News Denied Basic Cable Access

  1. The fact is that the CRTC has always been a retirement home for Bell Canada and CNCP Telecommunications execs (or whatever they have evolved into). Their mandate has always been to preserve the telecommunications monopoly in this country. I rather doubt they care about liberal or conservative so long as the reins of power remain in the same old hands.

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