Suffer the little children at the hands of sexual monsters

According to most accounts, Emanuel Jaques was shining shoes on Yonge Street in the afternoon of July 29, 1977, when he agreed either to help some men move photographic equipment or to pose for them. Four days later, on August 2, his body was found in a garbage bag on the roof of a massage parlour on Yonge Street. It was subsequently discovered that he had been raped by three men and then drowned. The brutality of the crime provoked cries of outrage across Toronto, but particularly in the local Portuguese community. There were large protests in the city and endless editorials condemning what became known as Toronto’s “sin strip.” Considering that Jaques was sexually attacked by the three men before they killed him, the case also caused a major rift between the city’s Portuguese and gay communities. This was particularly true when, even before the accused came to trial, a local gay magazine decided to publish an article extolling the virtues of “Men Loving Boys Loving Men.” That being said, public opinion was overwhelmingly on the side of the victim and, by extension, of the Portuguese community. In fact, the Jaques case would attract the broadest media coverage of any murder in the region until the Bernardo-Homolka serial killings of teenaged girls of the mid-1990s. Yet soon after his brutal death, and the subsequent sanitization of Yonge Street, Emanuel Jaques would largely vanish not only from the headlines but from the very consciousness of Canadians. When one searches through the archives, one finds almost nothing about the story that captured the imagination of a whole city. Until the publication of Barnacle Love in 2008, which had been preceded by Bill Moniz’s television film Shoeshine Boy in 2006, Jaques pretty well disappeared from Canadian discourse, both popular and scholarly. (Source)

Disappeared because it doesn’t fit the approved victimology meme.

Sidenote:  My parent were from the Azores too. I was born here in Canada. In 1977, I would have been 8.  This whole account really sickens me.

3 thoughts on “Suffer the little children at the hands of sexual monsters

  1. Sorry. As soon as I read the name Emanuel Jacques I stopped reading. It sill haunts me to this day. I lived in Toronto at the time of that murder and I remember the disgusting court trial that came after….it still makes me gag.

  2. This story deeply saddens and angers me. Were the perpetrators ever caught? I like to think Emanuel is safe in the arms of Jesus and unless his abusers repent, there is a special place in Hell for them. God forgive me but I cannot find any mercy in my heart for them and any who commit these vile acts against children.

  3. In Canada, Kinsey Sex Education normalizes perversion to schoolchildren,as legalized so-called human rights. Clubs are formed by adult schoolteachers and homosexual activists to recruit impressionable schoolchildren. What kind of Christians put up with this? Political apathy and indifference is secularizing the church. Our laws are made by Bills passed by elected politicians. In a democracy the voting citizens can unite and change legislated and Supreme Court of Canada decreed evil.

    In its December 20,2005 decision the majority of The Supreme Court of Canada justices legalized a type of business activity previously restricted by Canadian Law,overturning two previous Court of Appeal decisions that had ruled group-sex clubs qualified as bawdy houses violating community decency standards, and were therefore illegal.

    Now under Canadian Law consenting 14 year olds are considered consenting adults. The high courts controversial decision has made Canada a legal sex trafficking playground for sexual predators and pedophiles,as so-called human rights,and social justices.

    Supreme Court Of Canada Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin, was joined by Justices Major, Binnie, Deschamps, Fish, Abella and Charron in the sex-club decision.
    Dissenting Justices Michael Bastarache, and Louis LeBel said the high court’s ruling,” strips of all relevance the social values that the Canadian community as a whole believes should be protected,” as reported in the Globe and Mail newspaper.

    Bill C313 to raise the age of sex consent was defeated 167 to 99 on September 28,2005. 90 Federal Conservatives voted to raise the age of sex consent,and of the rest of the political parties combined 9 members voted to raise the age of sex consent. You can see how our MP’s voted on the Canadian government website
    Paycheck was involved enough to put up how our MP’s voted on important Bill’s.

    Social Conservatives have to unite, and the others change their minds and join us, as some already have by looking at the consequences of your choices on Canadian society.

    This plea was answered,as we collectively worked hard politically to hold our elected MP’s accountable for passing rotten Bills. Finally in 2008 our hard work succeeded as MP’s Passed a Bill raising the age of consent ,putting an end to the legal sexual exploitation of Canadian youth, for the moment.
    We must remain politically vigilant, as exploiters of our youth are always politically active to get their desires passed into Canadian law.

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