Sue The Liars

Regarding my earlier reference to Andrea Mrozek’s great letter in the National Post, I want to add a few thoughts.

Firstly, the whole stinking edifice that is modern culture is built around the sexual gods of our age. The god that makes the whole thing hang together is contraception. Topple this god, and the whole thing falls like a cheap deck of cards.

How can this happen, you ask? Well, most people are down right angry that we would point out the medical consequences of the pill because it encroaches on their right to copulate with impunity. They have a false notion of freedom and therefore they have a false notion of sex. But nature is not beholden to the political Left. It will react violently when its boundaries are breached, and now we are starting to see the effects of contraception on women’s bodies and even the environment! (What are the chances that the Eco-priests are going to start calling for the elimination of the birth control pill because it is poisoning our drinking water? Not very high, I should think. After all, the sex god is greater than the eco-god. Let’s put things in perspective.)

Anyhow, I’m getting off the topic at hand. How is the birth control pill going to fall out of favour?

Well, by the same way it got started. The good ol’ payola$$$$$$. That’s right: money. When the findings on the birth control pill causing breast cancer get more and more known, you can bet that women who find out they have breast cancer will be retrieving this bit of information from their memory banks (which some of them chose to suppress), and suing the bajeebers out of the doctors who refused (for obvious ideological) reasons to warn them about.

So, in the near future, we can all sit back and watch the lawyers feed on the pharmaceutical companies and the uncle tom medical professionals who refuse to practice honest medicine.

Gotta love the old class action lawsuit.


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