Sudden surge in New England Mass attendance

The parish pews of New England Catholic churches are noticeably fuller these days.  This Lent, the Archdiocese of Boston, the Diocese of Manchester and seven other dioceses across the nation have partnered with the lay organization Catholics Come Home®, to air the multimedia (TV and Internet) evangelization initiative inviting Catholics back to church – and it’s working!

Portraying the spirituality and history of the Catholic Church, the television messages reach out to inactive Catholics and others; encouraging their return to the Church.  The commercials direct the viewer to the and websites to explore answers to questions of faith and to utilize the site’s parish-finder feature to locate their local parish community and Mass times.  Television campaigns often feature ads in multiple languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese and Polish in the most popular programming like news, sports and Prime Time.

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3 thoughts on “Sudden surge in New England Mass attendance

  1. This is kind of misleading.
    The “Epic Movie”: Here they show the history of the church and those nice classic churches who still look “Catholic Churchy” and when those people actually come back the majority of places in North America all they will find are liberal wishy-washy priests and ugly modern churches poisined by the Mis-application of Vatican II. Sorry folks you are 50 years to early.
    “Movie”: Kay I get it they want you to come to reconciliation. Sadly how many people continue to live in their sin and enjoy it, and don’t care about their souls, until they hit rock bottom like that former porn actress Pacheco posted yesterday or before.
    “Home” probably the weakest message of the three.

    Hey don’t get me wrong I am glad they are TRYING to do something and perhaps it is getting some people back, but this won’t revitalize the Church. Force the liberal priests out, start actually teaching the faith to kids, bring back threats of pangs of mortal sin for missing mass and an instant ticket to Hell if you miss it, and bring back the TLM in full capacity. That’s how you will revitalize the Church not a slick ad campaign.

  2. I understand your key points. We need action on many fronts. These ads are one way of reaching people who we might never get a tug from their conscience otherwise.

    Clearly, they’re getting results. We’ll have more posts on their results in the future. Stay tuned.

  3. “These ads are one way of reaching people who we might never get a tug from their conscience otherwise”

    Considering how bad catechesis and eeducation in morality is, I can see some credibility there in that point. I happen to have found a copy of the notes from my Gr. 12 Moral theology course and at a number of points it is stated about ill-formed/wealky formed consciences being part of what leads a person to sin or give into vices or make immoral choices. It’s like our muscles: “use em’ or lose em'”

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