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I guess the Status of Women is really taking a beating these days in the press and in Parliament. Working women are starting to wake up to the fact that the Status of Women don’t represent anyone but themselves and perhaps a very dead Pierre Trudeau, while everyone else, on the other hand, is starting to realize that this Gerintology throwback-to-the-sixties agency is bleeding the taxpayer for absolutely no purpose except communist style women’s liberation: liberation from your children, liberation from your husband, liberation from your femininity, liberation from your…brain. You get the picture.

Anyhow, kudos to my good friend and prolific blogger, Suzanne, who recently got cited in some papers by calling into question the funding for this overbloated agency. Lots of stay-at-home moms ( you know the ones I’m sure — the ones that actually raise our nation’s children but don’t get the lucrative tax breaks offered for institutionalized daycare because well, I guess, they’re not “professional enough” to raise their own children) can tell you that $23 Million buckaroos, representing the SOWs annual budget, sure does buy a lot of diapers – 23 Million or so actually.

Suzanne has been able to unite a modest but growing group of bloggers (including yours truly) who want to keep up the pressure on the government to dump this porker. At the very least, the Tories should provide funding to actually help women find equality IN THE HOME and WITHIN THE FAMILY by giving them a true choice to stay home. Why did we elect the Tories anyway? To parrot the idiotic, androgynous ramblings of the Loony Left? C’mon Bev. Crack open the file again and stop milking Canadian women. That’s my money and my kids’ money. Give it back and stop funding Henry Morgentaller’s trips to Honolulu.

2 thoughts on “Stuff the SOW

  1. Thanks for the post, John.

    I have to say: Bev Oda has gone to bat for non-feminists in the House. She’s not a so-con herself, but she’s definitively open to listening to women who are not feminists.

    The announcement for the Treasury Board’s “program review” will be announced this week, maybe even tomorrow. We’ll see what happens.

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