Study Shows Fathers Are Not So Disposable After All

Children brought up by an active father figure are less likely to develop psychological and behavioural problems, according to a new investigation. Researchers at Uppsala University in Sweden have carried out a review of studies published in the US and UK between 1987 and 2007 and found that regular positive contact between a child and a father figure decreased the likelihood of children taking up smoking or being arrested.Published in the February issue of the Acta Paediatrica journal, the study also revealed that children who lived with both a mother and father figure had less behavioural problems than those brought up solely by their mother….(Source)

I wonder how long these sorts of studies will be permitted to be published?  After all, isn’t it against someone’s human rights to be so mean? Won’t this hurt someone’s feelings?  What about those poor families that choose not to have a father? There ought to be a law against publishing this kind of thing.  Call in the HRC militia right away!  

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