Study: Depo Provera Use Increases Breast Cancer Risk

 A new study of women using the Depo Provera birth control drug finds the risk of breast cancer is increased, according to information released today from the on Abortion/Breast Cancer.  The group notes a study of 1,028 women ages 20-44 in the April 15, 2012 issue of Cancer Research found that  recent users of Depo Provera (DMPA) for 12 months or more had a statistically significant 2.2-fold increased risk of developing invasive breast cancer. The authors, Christopher Li and     his team (including Janet Daling) at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center     called it the “first large scale U.S. study” examining the link between Depo Provera and breast cancer. They concluded it’s the fifth study “conducted over a diverse group of countries that have observed that recent DMPA use is associated with a 1.5- to 2.3-fold increased risk of breast cancer…(Source)

The sacred cow of contraception and breast cancer…will they ever admit the truth?

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