Student association aborts pro-life club; University brass goes deadbeat

The disgrace at Censorship U. on the abortion file is a microcosm of the whole abortion issue.  We know that so many abortions are the fault of men.  Some cowards get a woman pregnant and then leave her alone with the child.  Other guys are more oppressive and coerce the woman to abort.  These two tendencies on display at Carleton right now.

The Carleton University Student Association (CUSA) is playing the part of the oppressive boyfriend.  They’re not happy that some pro-life students conceived of Carleton Lifeline, a pro-life club, so they’ve decided to abort the club.  Just as the oppressive boyfriend doesn’t care about his own flesh and blood, so CUSA is willing to sacrifice some of its own students, who they are supposed to represent and protect.  They won’t allow Carleton Lifeline to re-integrate the campus unless they renounce their pro-life position, just like the oppressive boyfriend won’t stay with his girlfriend unless she aborts.

Meanwhile, senior management at the University is playing the role of cowardly boyfriend who deserts his woman and child.  In a report on this fiasco that appeared in the National Post, we see this juicy quote from the University’s brass:

Late on Tuesday, Carleton University said in a statement: “CUSA is an independent, incorporated organization; they operate independently of the university and the university plays no role in and has no standing with regard to CUSA’s decision-making.” (Source)

They’re trying to shirk all responsibility by pretending that they have no authority over CUSA.  That’s an absurd statement, of course.  It reflects pure cowardice on the part of the University, which runs and hides to avoid the problem, just like the cowardly boyfriend.

If CUSA is really so independent, how do you suppose they obtained their “power of taxation”?  Those membership dues charged to all students, whether they like it or not, are no different than a tax.  Only governments and government-run organizations, like a university, have such powers.  The rest of us have to earn our money: businesses, families, charities, etc.  But governments have the power to reach out and take it, with or without your consent.  This taxation power of CUSA is a direct giveaway that they are under the control of Carleton University, also known as Censorship U, but you can call them Cowardly U. as well.

So as I’ve explained before, the pro-choice mentality doesn’t limit itself to the abortion issue.  It permeates a person’s values and everything they do.  That’s why we have CUSA and the University bosses acting like effeminate men who don’t have the guts to live up to their responsibilities.

2 thoughts on “Student association aborts pro-life club; University brass goes deadbeat

  1. The National Women’s Party was founded in 1915 by Alice Paul and she authored the Equal Rights Amendment. Alice Paul stated,” Abortion is the ultimate exploitation of women.” There was “no” disagreement among fellow suffragettes.

    Susan B.Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton declared in the weekly women’s paper they published, The Revolution, ” No matter what the motive, the woman is awfully guilty who commits abortion. It will burden her conscience in life, it will burden her soul in death, but oh, thrice guilty is “he” who drove her to the desperation which impelled her to the crime.”

    In a letter to Julia Ward Howe in 1873 Elizabeth C. Stanton wrote , “When we consider that women are treated as property, it is degrading to women that we should treat our children as property to be disposed of as we see fit.” These committed women refused to take ads in their newspaper for abortifacients.

    Elizabeth Cady Stanton raised a flag to commemorate the birth of each of her 7 children and celebrated each new life publicly.

    Today, Alice Paul, Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton would see modern feminists, and our atheist education establishments that promote abortion and educate and program students to love without meaning( Kinsey Sex Education), and kill children in the womb without guilt (Abortion), as betraying women in the service of men.

    Sanctity of life is not to be mentioned or shown by our pro-life students or the police is called by our Universities, and our pro-life students jailed.

    This is what the Nazis did. After The Second World War 10 Nazi leaders were indicted by The Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal for encouraging and compelling abortions, which it considered a crime against humanity.
    Our citizens ought to act , pray, and help our pro-life students to prevent this from continuing in Canada.

  2. A good critique in the November 19th, National Post by Marissa McComish on the Carleton University students jailed for attempting to show graphic abortion images. The piece is titled, ” Could graphic images reduce the number of abortions? ” When will the jackboots come for her for telling the truth?

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