Stretching the Sockpuppet

Mark really stretched the sockpuppets.  I just watched the TVO show.

When Mark talks about the demographic problem in the first clip, he doesn’t go the next step.

If we aren’t having enough kids, then why aren’t we? 

We aren’t having kids because we have a distorted view of sex. We have a distorted view of sex because we have no real meaning to our lives.  And we have no meaning to our lives because we have a distorted (or no) view of God.

Getting back to the sex thing. The instrumental reason why we don’t have kids is this:

If you don’t think so, ask yourself what would happen to society if there was no contraception.

There would be little promiscuity. No abortion. Stronger marriages. Lots more kids. No porn. Etc. Etc. Etc.

And a free and strong Canada

You know it’s true.   And for the men who are reading this — all you need to have is the gonads to admit it.

All of the deliquent adults in our culture would grow up rather quickly, I should think.

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