2 thoughts on “Stop the Ban on Light Bulbs!

  1. In 2005 The House Of Commons did not raise the age of sex consent, and The Supreme Court Of Canada declared consenting 14 year old’s as consenting adults. Concerned parents were outraged, as this made Canada a legal destination for sex trafficking predators, and pedophiles, by human right. It took united concerned citizens three years to mount enough pressure on MP’s, to change this rotten law. Finally in 2008 a Conservative MP’s Private Members Bill to raise the age of consent passed,by three votes. How our elected MP’s voted on this issue was on the government website http://www.parl.gc.ca
    Uniting across Canada to change rotten Law is good. Use your democratic right to stop exploitation.

  2. Why ban is particularly wrong in Canada: Freedomlightbulb org
    Canadians live in relatively large homes where much time is spent with varied lighting conditions, and where incandescent light quality, reaction time, brightness, sensor/dimming and other versatility is welcome along with bulb heat most times when it’s dark.

    All lighting has different advantages.
    Unfortunately supposedly “allowed” halogen bulbs (72W for 100W etc) will also be banned in coming years by this adoption of USA law, as referenced.
    LEDs have own advantages, mainly as sheets (OLEDs)
    30 dollar unsubsidised price LED clones = not progress.

    Great new bulbs?
    New bulbs desirable = No point banning old bulbs
    New bulbs not desirable = No point banning old bulbs

    The supposed savings don’t hold up either. again as referenced

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