“Stop Funding Pro-Abortion Groups in Our Country”: Peru Bishops to Canadian Bishops

LIMA, June 9, 2009 (LifeSiteNews.com) – In a May 28 letter, the Bishops Conference of Peru has “formally” requested that the bishops of Canada cease funding pro-abortion groups in Peru via the Canadian Catholic Organization of Development & Peace (D&P). “It is very disturbing to have groups which work against the Bishops of Peru by attempting to undermine legal protection for the right to life of unborn children, be funded by our brother bishops in Canada,” says the letter.The letter marks a major breakthrough in the D&P scandal that was first exposed by LifeSiteNews.com (LSN) in March with revelations of $140,000 in D&P funding for five Mexican groups that promote abortion. The Peruvian Bishops’ letter is addressed to the President of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB), and signed by Archbishop Jose Eguren, the President of the Family, Childhood and Life Commission (Family Commission) of the Peruvian Bishops Conference. Archbishop Eguren says that the Family Commission undertook an investigation of D&P-supported groups in Peru, and found three of them to be pro-abortion. “Each group either explicitly endorses abortion, and/or contraception, either by name or by its various euphemisms like ‘sexual and reproductive rights’ or some derivation thereof,” says the letter. “In that sense, we respectfully would like to formally request that the funding for the pro-abortion groups in Peru by the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace be halted.”D&P’s response to the LSN revelations about its funding of numerous pro-abortion groups around the world has been to deny the allegations and accuse the news service of “dangerously irresponsible and slanderous” attacks. Even after an investigation led by two bishops and numerous journalistic investigations containing incontrovertible evidence of D&P funding for pro-abortion groups throughout Latin America, Africa and Asia, D&P has maintained its denials.The Peruvian Bishops conference concluded their letter offering to assist the Bishops of Canada to find “worthy Catholic organizations involved in authentic development projects in Peru, as our nation could benefit greatly from the generosity of Canadian Catholics.”Carlos Polo, a Member of the Family Commission of the Peruvian Bishops Conference told LifeSiteNews.com, “As soon as the investigation of possible financing of pro-abortion NGOs with Canadian Catholic money was announced, we began deep investigation.  This doesn’t only have to do with the Church in Canada but concerns all of us in the Church,” he said.Polo, also the Latin American Director of the Population Research Institute, added:  “Unfortunately, in the case of Peru there is no doubt.  We see with much sadness how the money of Catholic Canadians goes to organizations that explicitly fight against what the Church teaches.  The same people are usually our adversaries in debates and public discussions.”

James Weisgerber, Archbishop of Winnipeg and the current President of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops was not immediately available for comment on this story. Taking the D&P denials at face value, Archbishop Weisgerber issued a March 23rd letter to his Archdiocese saying the allegations against D&P were “untrue”.

Polo, speaking to LSN from Peru, concluded saying: “Perhaps the abortion and birth control industries will be the forces that do the most damage to Christian values in Latin America.  There isn’t a single Episcopal Conference in Latin America that is not suffering permanent attacks for defending life and family.”

See the full letter from the Bishops Conference of Peru to the CCCB here.See the LSN Feature Page on Development and Peace hereTo RESPECTFULLY contact any Canadian bishop click here

Folks, I was beginning to lose hope that the Canadian Bishops would actually move on the scandalous support that Development & Peace offers to pro-abortion groups in the developing world.  But now that the Peruvian bishops have actually publicly challenged the Canadian bishops on this, and requested the flow of this blood money to stop, things are going to get much more interesting in the coming months. 

One of the groups discovered by Socon or Bust, FEMOCCPALC, was specifically mentioned in the letter by the Peruvian bishops, along with two new groups which had previously not been reported. Here was our original finding on this group:


FEMOCCPALC (Federación de las mujeres organizadas en centrales de cocinas populares)
Listed as a Partner of CCODP’s 2006-2011 Latin America Program, page 142
“Finalmente, sumándose a las jornadas de trabajo efectuadas por mujeres de organizaciones de base en la ciudades de La Libertad, Arequipa y Lima, se realizaron los talleres Mejorando el acceso de las mujeres al aborto terapéutico en el Perú, con integrantes de OSB de Piura y de Lima (Federación de Mujeres Organizadas en Comedores Populares Autogestionarios de Lima y Callao– FEMOCCPALC), lográndose capacitar a un total de 178 mujeres se pronunciaron a favor de que el Estado garantice el derecho al aborto terapéutico y genere las condiciones para que éste sea accesible para aquellas mujeres que lo necesite.” (Source:  el vocero, de los DERECHOS SEXUALES y REPRODUCTIVOS, NUM. 4 / AÑO 2 FEBRERO 2008, p.8, www.aoe.org.pe),

Translation: “Finally, adding to the sessions worked by women in organizations base in the towns of La Libertad, Lima and Arequipa, the workshops were conducted improving women’s access to therapeutic abortion in Peru, with members of OSB Piura and Lima (Federation of Women Organizing Dining in kitchens Lima-Callao and FEMOCCPALC) trained a total of 178 women spoke in favor of the State to ensure the right to therapeutic abortion and generate conditions to make it accessible to women who need it.

This will help us show other bishops’ conferences that, indeed, their Canadian brother bishops need to pull the plug on Development & Peace.  It’s one thing for the media and lay Catholics to report on something. It’s something quite different for another national conference of bishops to confirm the findings. This gives us an “in” with ALL bishops now.  That is as good as the kiss of death for what Development & Peace has been doing.  If other national episcopal conferences come to the same conclusion and demand that the Canadian bishops stop what they are doing, then the jig really is up.

Why is it, I wonder, that everyone can identify the big, fat elephant in the room except for our bishops and the management of Development & Peace?  The answer, of course, is the fiasco surrounding D&P is only a symptom of a much larger problem of dissent, betrayal, and arrogance in the Canadian episcopacy which started with the Winnipeg Statement and has continued ever since.  This is not simply an oversight or an honest mistake.  This situation exists because of malevolent forces within the Canadian Church plowing over weak and indecisive bishops who are afraid to disrupt a false unity amongst themselves.  But as we all know, unity without truth is a big fraud.

Don’t expect the Canadian bishops to act quickly on making any meaningful reforms yet, however. I am sure they will write back to the Peruvian bishops and tell them that there is an “ongoing investigation” into D&P’s practice…or some bullkaka like that.  The bishops of Peru were able to make their judgement based on the same evidence that we have, but for some reason, it’s going to take many more months or perhaps years before the Canadian bishops finally get around to cleaning up this scandal which is undermining the little moral authority they have left.

The official report from the D&P “investigation” into their own massive fraud was supposed to come out this month. I doubt we will see it now.  Nobody believes them anymore. And if the bishops don’t wake up and move very soon, we won’t believe them anymore either.

The Canadian bishops need to come clean. They need to repent, starting with what started it all:  The Winnipeg Statement.


19 thoughts on ““Stop Funding Pro-Abortion Groups in Our Country”: Peru Bishops to Canadian Bishops

  1. The morality of our country is best judged by how we treat our own children. Sadly, millions of pregnancies have ended in abortion, one of the most dangerous places to be in Canada is in the womb. Taking the life of an innocent human being, is morally wrong.

    By abortion, the mother does not learn to love, but kills even her own baby to solve her problems. And by abortion, the father is told that he does not have to take any responsibility at all for the child he has brought into the world. That father is likely to put other women into the same trouble. So abortion just leads to more abortion.

    Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching its people to love, but to use any violence to get what they want.

    Why are our Canadian Bishops importing this to Puru Through D&P? Our Bishops don’t seem to be pro-life anymore.

  2. Remember the following Biblical Texts regarding the Catholic Church.
    Biblical Texts I use in debate with Protestant Ministers and apostates.
    (Matt.16:18) Christ exhorts, The gates of hell will not prevail aginst the Church.
    (Matt.28:20) Christ exhorts, I will be with you till the consummation of the world.
    (John 14: 18) Christ exhorts, I will not leave you orphans.
    (Hebrews 13:5) St. Paul states, God has said, Never will I leave you,
    Never will I forsake you.
    Fear Not. Let me emphasise that no apostate Bishop or Bishops will undermine the authority of the Catholic Church who was given the authority by Jesus Christ himself.
    (1 Tim. 3:15) The Church is the Pillar and ground of Truth.
    Arrogance deceit, deception and falsehood cannot overcome truth and probity. Remember (Psalm 5:6) The Lord abhors deceit–
    (Psalm 119:118) For their deceitfulness is in vain–
    (Prov. 22:8) he who sows injustice will reap calamity.
    Trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and his mighty power. Hallelujah! Amen!

  3. Why are our Canadian Bishops exporting abortion to Puru through D&P? They don’t seem to be pro-life anymore.

  4. May Jesus grant the Canadian bishops the grace to embrace and teach to all the faithful in Canada the clear and unequivocal teachings of the Church on artificial birth control. This is a most humbling time for them. May God’s grace wash their minds and empower them to lead us all to the beautiful truth in Humanae Vitae. We need big exuberant families that will glorify God and carry His Gospel into all the world.
    Let it be according to Your Word!!!

  5. This is a great move by the Bishops of Peru. It really puts the CCCB on the hot seat to make a move quickly. If we don’t get some kind of reaction from D&P and the CCCB within 2-3 days, then we might have to check for a pulse.

    By the way, how many dubious partners have been inventoried to date? We must be near 40?

  6. The original story on LSN broke on March 12.
    D&P posted a reply on their website on March 13. That was fast.

    The letter from the Bishops of Peru was published on June 9, but I still haven’t heard a reaction from D&P or the CCCB.

    In my opinion, the letter from the Bishops of Peru is a bigger deal than the original LSN story, for 2 reasons:

    1. They tried to paint the LSN story as being a distortion or issued from “extremists”. You can’t say that about the Bishops’ conference of another country. So it’s harder to shrug off.

    2. According to Canon Law, the national bishops’ conference of a country has jurisdiction in their own country. So the Bishops of Peru have legal authority within the Catholic Church to boot D&P out of their land. If the CCCB wants to stay in communion with Rome, they have to abide by Canon Law. Otherwise they are essentially criminals and the Vatican could intervene.

    That being said, I’m shocked that D&P or the CCCB has not responded yet. The waiting game is a losing proposition from every possible angle, not the least of which is saving what’s left of their reputation and the trust of their Canadian flock.

  7. Bishops must serve a holy God who requires them to be holy. Clear teachings regarding spiritual truths and sanctification by the Magisterium of the Church must be followed. Faith, obedience, wisdom, instruction, discipline, is the path to salvation. Practical righteousness before God is the absolute moral duty for the Christian. Jeremiah the prophet of doom, the great Old Testament major prophet appeals to his people to repent before it is to late. Look at (Hosea 4:6) My priests are destroyed from of lack of knowledge.
    (Hosea 4:9) gives definitive evidence that priestsand people will be punished, they will be destroyed for their ways and repayed for their deeds. Abortion is a horrific, abominable, mortal sin that leads to destruction. Fear not and remember the Lord will humble the heretic.

  8. I have noticed that both of these citations are from the Old Testament. Any citation from Jesus in the New Testament ?

  9. Funding abortion through D&P is the murder of innocent children that deserve our protection not capital punishment.

  10. Yes Mr. Garry, you are absolutely right that the funding of abortion is a crime and that every human being deserves our protection. I do not believe that D&P is funding abortion but what are we protecting the adult population who takes care of these children ?
    I would like Mr. Charles to give me citations from Jesus that condemn ?
    I do not know everything that the Bible teaches us about life, love and compassion….and I am always eager to learn. I believe that as Christians we are called to love…even sinners.

  11. Matthew 7: In context. Gist. Judge not hypocritically. Live according to scripture then you will be able to judge righteously and not casting your pearls. It was so unthinkable for an Israelite woman or man to mention Abortion, because children were viewed as a gift or ” heritage of the LORD” PSALM 127 and 139. It is one thing helping people and another to promote sin through abortion. If D&P were not funding Abortion but helping sinners repent of Aborting their babies then they would be loving .

  12. A lot of us want to give to the poor out of love – we want them to have better lives. Then we find out that instead of helping the poor with our money, this group was promoting abortion, in other words, killing the poor.

    Jesus never minced words when confronting evil – especially against the religious leaders of the time. We have the right and the duty to speak up if the CCCB is diverting funds intended for the poor.

  13. You said : Matthew 7: In context. Gist. Judge not hypocritically. Live according to scripture then you will be able to judge righteously and not casting your pearls.
    Interesting ! Who is judging in the case of D&P ?

    I still do not believe that D&P is promoting abortion or anything else against Jesus’law of Love…«preferential love for the poors». It is helping the poors to live in dignity, to have a fuller life and to be treated as human beings. Have you met the poors face to face and listen to their cries & their dreams for their children ?

  14. Mr. Sahl,
    I have read and meditate the verses that you suggested.

    In Matthew 7:1, it says..do not judge and you won’t be judged. In Matthew 7:12, do to others what you would like done to you.
    What does it say to you ?

    Psalm 127 : To be greatful for everything that God has done. A family is a gift.
    Psalm 139 : God knows you well and knows every steps that you take. Be greatful for his wisdom.

  15. Very well. Thank you for your prompt answer.
    I will now leave this forum. Discussing on this forum cleared out a lot of questions that I had in my mind about your pro-life movement. I am pro-life, against abortion & euthanasia, but certainly not at the cost of abandonning the poor people to unjust laws and actions. Visiting and living with poor people in their countries,opened my eyes and my heart to their dreams and hopes for a life of dignity for their children and their families. I will continue my mission. I will encourage you to continue to defend the unborn but please, do not just condemn.
    God bless you all !

  16. If the CCCB do not react to this scandal ,there is obviously kickbacks for some Bishops. This does not surprise me. Here in Canada we’ve become a liberal society and to afraid to offend anyone. Unfortunately, this also applies to some of our Church leaders. We need to continue praying for our Bishops so that they can make the right decisions.

  17. Slightly off topic but I know of one priest who was asked as part of his diocesan requirement to fund or to give his parishoners money to fund a controversial but definite debt. Rather than take or ask for more money from his parsioners most of whom were hard working couples with young families he arranged to have some of the parish investments taken out of the diocesan coffers to fund what some might call a compulsory “tax.” The loss was not so keened felt just by us

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