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LIVERPOOL, England, July 11, 2007 ( – A Catholic Church in Liverpool, England, is being praised for forbidding a Catholic homosexual group to use the church facilities for an event barbecue and discussion gathering.

Quest, an organization for Catholic gay and lesbians in the UK, organized a barbecue and discussion/prayer meeting at the Liverpool University Catholic Chaplaincy of St. Philip Neri. Contrary to some reports, the Liverpool Daily Post reports, they did not plan on having a Mass, and on these grounds, the Archdiocese forbade the event from taking place on church premises.

Quest Manchester organizer Edward Down expressed his disapproval of the Archdiocese’s decision, according to news agency icLiverpool, stating “The hierarchy seems to think we promote active homosexuality and that we are some sort of seedy sex agency, but that’s not the case at all.” He also claimed that Quest is “true to the faith in every way.”

Quest, however, states in its own website history that the organization was removed in 1998 from the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales national directory of Catholic societies. In addition, among the Quest website resources, there is a link to “RainbowChristians”, a gay (LGBTQ) Christian matchmaking website. There are also several links to other websites that while being ostensibly Christian, also support an actively homosexual lifestyle.

On Monday, Daphne McLeod of Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice, was one of those who praised Liverpool Archbishop Patrick Kelly and the Archdiocese for making a stand against the pro-actively homosexual group. McLeod stated in the Post, “The Archdiocese has taken absolutely the correct decision. Quest is not a Catholic group because they dissent from the teachings of the Church.”

She continued, “Catholic parents who send their children to university would be aghast if meetings promoting homosexuality were to be staged at a Catholic chaplaincy. And it is quite wrong for them to try to use a Catholic place of worship to put forward their beliefs in this way.”

“Catholic doctrine is a question of all-or-nothing. You have to believe in it wholly, not just the parts you like.”

McLeod concluded, “We would welcome them if, like other organizations, they helped homosexuals to live chaste lives. We believe in no sex outside marriage-but they don’t, they encourage active homosexuality. It is incompatible with the teachings of the Church.”



For decades now, the Catholic Church has suffered under a credibility gap. On the one hand, her teaching on faith and morals has remained firm despite the constant barrage of leftoid, koolaid theologians and the sexually challenged. The conduct of the Church’s bishops and priests, however, has not been so resilient. Time and time again, we have seen more capitulation and compromise than candour and courage. It therefore comes as a pleasant surprise to see the Church in Liverpool willing to push back when the sexual zealots try to move in.

Perhaps we as a Church are coming to the realization that if you don’t actually plant yourself firmly and resist the homosexual lobby, marginalization, shrinkage, and extinction are the inevitable consequence. Ever wonder why this sort of sexual encroachment never, ever happens to a Mosque? We all know the answer to that of course, but liberals do not talk about such things at champagne soirees because it would say more about them then it does about Muslims.

But getting back to the issue at hand in the Catholic Church. There must be more spine and resistance shown by the Church if it is even to survive and be kept from being forced underground. The ironic thing is that the homo lobby is not as objectively powerful as we think. We have simply been too weak to mount a resistance, and by comparison, we look like weaklings while they look like goliaths.

Because even a mild breeze can blow over a feather.

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