Stick your “reasonable compromise”

But in 2008, the University of Calgary wholly abandoned its commitment to free speech as a means of pursuing truth, and demanded the pro-life students erect their signs “facing inwards” — so that passers-by could not see the signs. While the university described its demand as a “reasonable compromise,” the practical effect was akin to total censorship.

Students ignored the university’s threats of arrest, and even expulsion for “non-academic misconduct,” and erected their controversial display again this past November. Under the watchful eye of numerous media cameras, the university did not arrest the students. But two months later, the university instructed Calgary police to deliver summons to these same students — privately at their homes, with no media present.


Moreover, the university has expressed no qualms about other controversial large colour displays, including ones showing the effects of torture on political dissidents in China, the cruelty of animal testing and the consequences of spousal abuse. It seems gory and disturbing displays on campus are fine–as long as they do not convey a politically incorrect view on abortion.

The University of Calgary receives over $500-million from taxpayers each year. If it does not reacquaint itself with the ideals of tolerance, it may find taxpayers becoming less tolerant of footing such a hefty bill to support an institution which so blatantly disregards its own mission.  (Source)

Right on.

I hope the University of Calgary cuts off its long nose to spite its face. I hope this “University” prolongs this embarrasment for a good long time so that even when they do pull back, it will be too little too late for the people who will be bailing on the university.

With any luck, they’ll have to cut some gender diversity or women’s courses.

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