Steyn’s Wit Routs Reisman

Based on the reading of a few blogs about Mark’s appearance at Indigo’s yesterday, it looks like poor Heather and the loony Liberals were left strapless.

You just have to wonder how much crap the Left can be full of before it’s finally kicked out of them.

If the lefty blogs or the Main Stream Media are any indication, it looks like that that cavern is deep indeed.

5 thoughts on “Steyn’s Wit Routs Reisman

  1. Love the comment: “You just have to wonder how much crap the Left can be full of before it’s finally kicked out of them.” They seem to enjoy it.

  2. I was there, groaning all the way through Heather Reisman’s tortuous meanderings, which she tried desperately to cobble into coherent questions.

    Mark Steyn was valiantly patient and indulgent, never once letting on that he didn’t know what the He** Heather was talking about–well, maybe he had a clue, but he used her pathetic attempts at intelligence as launch pads for his own talking points.

    I had to laugh: When he pulled out the Balfour Declaration and the Brits’ importing 100,000 East Indians to Fiji (vis a vis Imperialism, after Reisman had slagged the U.S. for being “imperialist”), Ms. Reisman got a very serious oh-yes-I-know-what-you’re-talking-about look on her face when it was obvious she was swimming in a sea of incomprehension.

    I liked her very elegant-casual white blouse, her yellow-as-butter sweater, and her cute little be-jewelled ballet slippers. Heather Reisman DOES know how to dress for the occasion!

  3. Oh, yes. And lest I leave the impression that she was caught with her pants down, she was sporting khaki-coloured capris. She must just have come back from the south of France, Florida, or the local Spa, which would account for her flawless tan.

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