Steyn on Duffy


“We don’t know where Rob Nicholson is. He won’t return my phone calls. I presume he is somewhere in the building. Perhaps he’s in the witness protection program.” 

One thought on “Steyn on Duffy

  1. Priceless indeed. In fact I think the entire gang has retreated to the hills of Lake Meech. No one and that includes the CHRC even returns calls or
    E Mails – let alone double sided faxes.

    Steyn on CTV with Mike Duffy made fools of the bunch of them.

    Ah, but as I wrote – maybe it is time for small guerilla groups to hit at weak points like their freedom of information access and then an appeal process if they have one.

    Reading Lynch’s statement on police conduct “off-hours” (Blazing Cat Fur)made me laugh as she has no clue as to what she is even saying. How do you spell “HYPOCRITE”?

    Being a QC is not a Quality Control stamp – just a “Best Before Date”?

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