Stephen Harper: Statesman or Sucker?

In the speech featured above, Stephen Harper says some pretty inspiring things. If you didn’t know better, you might actually think he feels rather passionately for marriage. But, sadly, as he has said in the past, social conservative issues are not “his issues”. Especially issues like, you know, the “a-word”, as the National Post’s front page called it.

Why do we have such “touch-me-not” politicians? Politicians who, while “personally opposed” to abortion, forget they have a moral duty to stand up for the truth and let the political consequences fall where they may?

The reason is simple. We (that’s you and me) let them get away with it without paying a political price. It would be one thing if we settled for mediocrity from Canadian politicians and prime ministers. But we don’t. We hold them to a much higher standard and we are shocked to find out they don’t cut it. Ever wonder why they don’t cut it? They don’t cut it, because they are not the right people to be leading the country. So, you get what you pay…or rather…vote for.

The tragic and ironic thing is that even Stephen Harper recognizes greatness. He referred to John Paul II as a hero of our modern times. One wonders if he really meant it, or whether he was trying to score political points with a faith-enriched crowd of 15,000 people. If he really believed that John Paul II was great, then he should do the same things John Paul II did: stand up for Western civilization by opposing those things which seek to destroy it from within.

We cannot afford a prime minister who mouths platitudes of social conservativism to get elected, believing that all he has to do is say the magic words and everything will be alright. Canada cannot afford the promotion of abortion and homo-erotic agendas without there being a heavy social cost to this country. If Mr. Harper believes that such destructive agendas will have no bearing on the economic well being of this country (to address his own pet issue), then he is not insightful or intelligent enough to lead this country. If he does recognize the threat, then he better show himself to be a true patriot for this country, or he will be go down as yet another plastic politician who had his chance to lead his country but did nothing.

Former Prime Minister Paul Martin was a sucker for the social leftists. He won’t be known for anything but for same-sex “marriage”, for his everlasting shame. He traded his birthright and sold his soul for a couple of years of stump power. Was it worth it, Paul? On his death bed, he may be forgiven, but his legacy will forever be etched into this great Canadian tragedy. Not exactly something to be proud of.

We don’t need any more prime ministers who simply scramble to manage the demise of Canada. We don’t need the kind of “leaders” who scramble to be the captain of a sinking ship so at the end of the day they could say “Look Ma! I commandeered the last few moments of the titanic.”


What we need are politicians who have the humility and foresight to say, “we have a problem here” and “my political ambitions must take a back seat to the good of this country even if I am vilified for doing it.”

Canada is on the line. Will Stephen Harper show he is more than a good politician? Will he show that he is a genuine stateman and allow the debate on abortion to come forward? Will he seek to implement policies which will restore the Canadian family and, ultimately, marriage?

We’ll see during the next election. We’ll know just what kind of politician Stephen Harper is: a true Statemen and father figure for our nation or just another sucker for political opportunism who won’t mean anything to anyone after his time is done. A 1% reduction in the GST does not compare to the abolition of the slavery that is abortion.

2 thoughts on “Stephen Harper: Statesman or Sucker?

  1. I look forward to your blog entry blasting God for waffling and bowing to public opinion on divorce. (see Matt 19:8)

    Harper delivered what he promised. Instead of going after the best leader in Ottawa because he isn’t a social conservative dictator, try creating the political will need to get it changed. Get the public on your side enough and it won’t matter what party is elected when it comes to this issue.

  2. This is to the previous blogger: Matthew 19:6- So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate.”

    Matthew 19:9- I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for marital unfaithfulness, and marries another woman commits adultery.”

    I look forward to your blog entry blasting yourself for acting like a buffoon.

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