Stealing the Business: A Baby Potentially Saved

This morning at Ground Zero, I received an emergency call from Nicole C. who was doing some sidewalk counselling. She met a black woman who was scheduled to have her abortion. As she talked with her, she learned that this woman already had 5 kids and could not afford another one. The woman walked back and forth, sometimes putting her hand on the door of the Abortion Mill, but not opening it.

The woman was then on her cell phone, talking to her husband. She didn’t want to go through with it, but they were in a financial crisis.

As Nicole phoned around frantically trying to find financial support, we got a rude awakening that crisis pregnancy centres don’t offer cash – probably because of the abuse that can happen with that situation, understandably. So we had to make a split decision and we did.

So Nicole and I bit the bullet and offered her $500 cash right now, and a pledge to help her on a continual basis until her situation stabilized.

Before anything else, the Abortion Mill is a business. That is the context in which they operate and that is the context in which we must venture at times. We have to be the Abortion Mills’ competitors for the lives of the unborn. What’s a child worth to us? $500? Seems like a pretty good bargain for an eternal soul, no? The early Church raised money to buy the freedom of slaves. And that’s what we need to do in this war too.

The abortion mill pushes despair and extorts millions from its victims and from the State.

In response, we need to offer hope in terms of concrete assistance, and we need to show an unbelieving world that we love Christ more than our possessions.

We need to conquer with love…and cash.

I asked Nicole to give me a call to let me know what ended up happening. When I find out, I’ll let you all know.

The fact that today we might have saved a human life by our sacrifice is a great privilege and grace.

Please pray hard.

Update: We are not certain, but looks like the woman went ahead and had the abortion. She went into the building to phone her husband, and was in there for a couple of hours.

Still, we learned a valuable tactical lesson which we will be able to implement next time this situation arises.

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