Stay Awake

This is an hour of great change and these events are just beginning. Many hardships will transpire for all mankind. This is not an hour to be a witness for the world, rather witness the message, the Gospel message. My people, live your mission by standing for the truth. These events of awakening are a result of the number of My little ones killed through abortion….

My child, as I have spoken, the just hand of My Father is about to strike. Continue to be willing to suffer, for the time of warning is near. I will come in radiant splendor and claim My faithful children. My Father’s just hand will serve this world its just punishment for continuing to step ahead of us, your Triune God. The seas will rise, the earth will rock and tremble and mankind will be plagued with war, disease and famine. You will see the coming of the one who will claim he is Me and My people will be grazed and numbered by the authorities who work for this false messiah, this antichrist.

Stay awake, My child, and keep your focus on Me, for I am Jesus the light of the world. I will protect you and My faithful with My heavenly graces. It is by the fire of My love that I yearn for all My children to turn away from the world and come live in My light. —Messages to Jennifer, Words from Jesus, Feb 25th, 2005; March 25th, 2005; (Source)

Gird up ye loins.

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