The Coalition for Family Values is a U.S. based international network of loosely-affiliated independent pro-family organizations. We serve the global pro-family movement by encouraging and facilitating cooperation and coordination among pro-family strategists and activists. While geographically, ethnically and methodologically diverse, we share a Biblical worldview, and a commitment to speak the plain truth about the LGBT agenda and its destructive influence on society. Our goal is to promote and protect the natural family as the essential foundation of civilization, and family values as the source and guide to mainstream culture in every society, while advocating reasonable tolerance to those who choose to live discretely outside of the mainstream.

As the 2014 Winter Olympic Games come to a close in Sochi, Russia, we want to praise the Russian Federation for providing much-needed leadership in restoring family values in public policy, and to encourage the governments of the world to follow the excellent example that the Russian government has set in 2013 and 2014 by banning LGBT propaganda to children and limiting the adoption of children to natural families only. By taking these steps in the face of intense criticism and hostility by some Western governments and NGOs, the Russians have demonstrated the high value that they place on their children and the natural family model of society. We believe that God will bless the Russian people for their faith and courage.

The Coalition for Family Values will be encouraging our current and future affiliates throughout the world to lobby their own governments to follow the Russian example. While the LGBT agenda has seemed like an unstoppable political juggernaut in North America and Europe, the vast majority of the people of the world do not accept the notion that sexual deviance should be normalized. It is time that these voices are heard on the world stage before the so-called elites of the Western powers impose their inverted morality on everyone through the manipulation of international law, which they clearly intend to do.

The LGBT agenda has already gone too far, but it is still advancing. We are asking the family-friendly nations of the world to erect a barrier to that agenda in their own countries and in the international community, which can perhaps strengthen and embolden the pro-family movement in the Western nations to roll back that agenda in our own countries.

The future of the natural family is the future of humanity itself. We must not allow the culture of desolation to supplant the culture of life in our societies. Let us pray for healing for those who choose the LGBT path, and (within reason) respect their right to be wrong in their private lives. But let us not allow the LGBT political movement to transform the world in its own distorted image.


  1. Anyone who know ANY history and knows that Putin does only what serves Russia and that Russian is NOT family friendly knows that this perhaps is a result of the fact that between Russia’s ongoing steady decline in population due to the fact that abortion was the ONLY contraception Russia practiced with women often having abortions in the double digits, as well as the rapt homosexual agenda that actually was the exemplary for the west to follow as well as their rampant pornography and the fact that Putin is a a “former” K.G.B agent and that the K.G.B has not necessarily disappeared, (in fact they were known to be chanting in the streets after the iron curtain fell, nor has Russia’a hatred for the West and its ongoing praise (if it ever really disappeared of Communism) By that I mean praise.
    People are so naive to even to miss that Russia just MAY be only interested in its declining population for its own sake period, NOT because as a Communist nation it cares for life for the right reasons or children nor the elderly nor the interim, nor whether homosexuals run rampant.
    Study some history and remember also that Our Blessed Lady said at Fatima that UNLESS Russia
    was consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart, that
    other countries would FOLLOW Russia’ errors.
    She meant in everything.

    Are some so naiive to think Putin is a changed man? PLEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAASE!!! Keep coming back or better yet pray some more Rosaries. While you are at it read and study
    history and KNOW that communism is one of the the greatest evils perpetrated on this earth, and it HAS NOT gone away, maybe underground in come circles while they plan but it HAS NOT gone away, nor have the evils and grassroot groups that are rooted in its propaganda. Just where do was one think the education being taught to children in schools these days derives from, and its roots? In fact I am sure ol’ Margaret Sanger the founder of Planned Parenthood is a great fan of Communism as is Obama, and so was our former Prime Minister Elliot Trudeau, (whose son is even scarier, in that he does not even have to pretend he knows anything about policy because the people do not care!!!, especially the young girls fawning after him ) and could very well attain power
    because of the fact that the youth olf so many who are completely out of it when it comes to true history and what is important

    How pride of man likes to change what God in His Divinity has said and twist it. As was said the me-ism that has become pronounced even more since Vatican 11 is blatant pride of man.
    Mixing in a little protestant theology here, a little impure soft pornographic imagery here and bad language, a lot more “sermons” with jokes and talk of inclusiveness of all faiths and languages
    and ey sexual differences too.

    It would be so “nice” to believe this was what it appeared to be but is it?

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