State Religion Being Imposed on Catholics, other Christians

More efforts of the State to control Religion:

Dear OCHEC members and leaders,

Earlier this week you received an email from OCHEC forwarding to you press releases about the Supreme Court of Canada case on May 18th regarding the Province of Quebec curriculum, the Ethics and Religious Culture (ERC), addressing the issue of whether parents have the right to choose the kind of education their children will receive, particularly in regard to religious instruction. Basically, the province of Quebec is insisting that its students take a course on Religion and Ethics that teaches all religions are on a par.

Thousands of parents have tried to excuse their children from the class, but their request has been refused (the province supplied the school boards with a standard rejection letter). Two parents have fought this and the case will be argued in the Supreme Court. How does that work? On May 18 the nine Justices of the Court will hear both sides of the case presented (certain Christian organizations, including CCCC and EFC, are among the interveners) and then they will decide if it is the parents or the province who are able to decide what their children should learn in this case.

Why are we sending this out to our Homeschooling community? Because if the SCC decides in favour of the Quebec ministry of education, it will set precedent giving the government the right to choose and insist on the content of curriculum even religious curriculum. This case could be used in the future to decide legislation regarding home education freedoms.

We’ve been asked to circulate a request to join with one support group that is organizing prayer and fasting for the weeks leading up to this case. I’ve attached excerpts of emails from Sandra Koke who is spear-heading this prayer and fasting movement. If you would like to be part of this please contact her directly [].

Beth Rockwell

OCHEC administrative assistant

Newsletter General Editor

The first freedom to go in any democracy is the freedom of religion.  

What do you think the chances of this little nugget being on the Agenda of the Canadian Bishops in October?  If you said, “slim to none”,  you would be right. After all, the anti-water bottle campaign is the high priority.

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