Start Again

…When asked about the nature of the increased threats to the religious liberties of American institutions, he told LifeSiteNews, “the day may come when religious institutions will have to seek out their own accrediting associations because of the continuing encroachment of political correctness.”…

I’ve seen this coming now for many years. As Christians become squeezed out of the secular world because of our allegiance to Christ’s teachings, we will have to start forming our own associations and indeed even our own economy amongst believers.  There will come a time where Catholics will be treated like the Blacks were in the Deep South during the last century.

Back of the Bus.

Welcome to tolerance.

Welcome to the payback of betraying Humanae Vitae.

But the good news is that we will have a strong religious society start to develop within a crumbling culture of death.  The culture around us will fall but we will, with these new institutions and associations, provide the seed for a new civilization.  It will be the basis for a new Catholic identity and the new Evangelization.

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