Star Chambers Behind Closed Doors, No Admittance

From Connie Fournier at FD… 

Lemire’s March 25th Hearing to be a Secret Star Chamber!As many of you know, Marc Lemire’s Canadian Human Rights Tribunal hearing is scheduled to resume on March 25, 2008.The defence team is planning to question Dean Steacy, a Human Rights Commission investigator, about why he registered on Free Dominion when we were not under investigation (something he claimed never to have done), and to ask about the CHRC complaint that was lodged against us over a post that was made just days after Steacy registered here.I sent the following email to Carol Ann Hartung on March 6th:

Connie wrote:
Dear Ms Hartung,My name is Connie Fournier and my husband and I were administrators of
the website Free Dominion when a person named jadewarr signed up as a
member.It has come to our attention that this matter will be discussed at the
March 25th tribunal hearing of Warman v. Lemire, and we would like to
request permission to sit in on the hearing since the evidence concerns
a website that belonged to us.Please let us know if this is agreeable. Thank you in advance for your

Connie and Mark Fournier

Hartung wrote back on March 7, 2008:

Ms. Fournier,The testimony of the witnesses on March 25th in the above-cited matter
is a continuation from a previous sitting with these witnesses which was
held in camera, pursuant to an order by the presiding Tribunal Member.
Unless the parties indicate that this is no longer required and if the
presiding Tribunal Member agrees, the hearing of the testimony of the
scheduled witnesses will remain closed to the public.Regards,Carol Ann Hartung

Carol Ann Hartung
Registry Officer/Agente du greffe
Canadian Human Rights Tribunal/Tribunal canadien des droits de la
160 rue Elgin Street Suite 1100
Ottawa ON K1A 1J4
(613) 995-1707 ext./poste 313

It’s time to light the blogosphere aflame.  E-mail, write, or phone Ms. Hartung and demand your right to know what’s going on in the nation’s kafka kourts.
It’s time to split the banana chambers.Email address:

4 thoughts on “Star Chambers Behind Closed Doors, No Admittance

  1. I emailed this.

    Carol Ann Hartung,

    You smug thug!

    What exactly are you trying to hide?

    We the people of Canada demand that this proceeding be open to the public!

    Damn you and your police state tribunals! This is CANADA not the former Soviet Union!

    The light will be shone so very brightly on your despicable proceedings if not now in the near future.

    -Just Another Freespeecher

  2. More fascism worship. How unsurprising.

    What can we expect next from the SoCon Blut und Boden types? Concentration camps?

    Let’s watch and find out.


    Long having a shadowy and disgraceful track record, the CHRC now sinks further into disrepute. I can only conclude that reports of clearly unethical and probably illegal activities by CHRC employees and continuing associates are TRUE. These people deserve to be fired, disbarred, and publicly humiliated as undeserving of a free society, and here you are aiding and abetting the cover-up. SHAME!

    Open this up, clear the air. If there’s nothing irregular, then you have nothing to hide. You are supposed to serve the public, but it’s clear you only serve yourselves.



  4. I am having trouble understanding why individuals or corporations cannot file lawsuits against these vociferous “Human Rights” tribunals. They loudly proclaim and condemn and punish those who cannot defend themselves from spurious accusations. The mere accusation is a sentence of punishment. Surely we have recourse in law.
    Clearly they violate common law, which provides due process and the right to face one’s accusers. Does our vaunted Constitution not protect those traditional rights of Englishmen that have come down to us as our National heritage.

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