Star Chamber Circus Coming to Town

Well, I’ve decided to bite the bullet and re-arrange my work schedule to represent the blogosphere as a reporter at the Dean Stacey hearing.  Unlike CHRC employees, the government does not pay me to troll on mainstream, conservative discussion boards or post possible evidence on white supremacist boards. If I want to do that or report on it, I have to pay my own way. 

I am not used to calling myself a reporter, but that’s what I am going to be on Tuesday March 25.  This might be the one event that conservative media journalists and columnists might actually outnumber MSM reporters.  Now we are all just shocked at this report, of course, so it’s doubly necessary that we provide some balance to the distortions we have seen in the MSM concerning the Star Chamber abuses.

Cameras will not be allowed in, apparently.  That’s unfortunate given the great potential for exposure and humiliation of the CHRC and its employees.  We all know what happened to Shirley.  There’s still time, though.  Can’t hurt to send off a polite request to draw back the curtains all the way.  

Canadian Human Rights Tribunal
160 Elgin Street, 11th Floor
Ottawa, ON K1A 1J4
Tel: (613) 995-1707
Fax: (613) 995-3484

Attention: Ghislaine Cyr

Frankly, I simply do not know how any CHRC functionary can have any confidence or pride in what they are doing. There has been so much opposition and fierce condemnation of their whole modus operandi, you would think at least some of them would have the integrity to resign from S.13 cases like Shirley McGovern did.  Not only are their operational tactics outrageous, their methods become even more obstructionist when they are called to justify them.

You know, politics aside, if a large population rejects the procedural and unethical scams of adjudicating disputes, then the body who is responsible for executing them loses its moral authority.  It might still have the law on its side, but the moral authority under-girding it is what really counts. The law is supposed to be supported by moral legitimacy.  Clearly, something has to be done about these Commissions and their operatives like Dean Steacy.  For those of us hoping that the Conservative government does something about it, however, the reality is quite the opposite. As Ezra Levant correctly noticed, “the federal Justice Minister has his thumb in the pie, with two lawyers intervening in the matter. So it would not even been accurate to interpret the silence of Rob Nicholson and the Conservatives as neutrality in this whole matter; they are active participants in the CHRC’s prosecution of section 13 thought crimes.”  That’s pretty pathetic. If they were really on our side, they’d be telling the suit who was supposed to show up to take an extended vacation.  This active participation by the Conservative government is particularly troublesome when you consider this little piece of trivia:

I spoke with a communications director for a federal cabinet minister today, who told me that the two issues that his boss receives the most mail about these days are Brenda Martin and Keith Martin’s private member’s motion to reform of the human rights commissions. I found that very encouraging. (Ezra

As for the logistics of how this is all going to pan out, I have no idea how many people are going to be allowed in.  It could be a sizable crowd.  Of note, Mark Steyn is going to be there and so will Deborah Gyapong.  I’m looking forward to meeting Mark Steyn if I can.  He’s a columnist today. Tomorrow, he’ll be the one across the aisle from the inTerrogators.  Today a journalist. Tomorrow on the rack.  That’s what has become of Canada and free speech.  

And so, fellow bloggers, I’ll be there with pen and paper in hand to report on this whole circus which will be coming to town.   It won’t be a difficult job identifying the clowns.  There will be lots of them around.

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