Standing up to homo-fascism

Carrie Prejean, otherwise known as Ms. California,  stood up to homo-fascist establishment within the popular culture and she won.  Not the Ms. America pageant mind you, but a pageant in which her crown will be rewarded not in this world but in the next.  Unfortunately, she will face many trials and will suffer much for her defense of traditional marriage.  Christians of good will can help to ease some of her pain.  We can stand by her while she carries this cross.  We can storm heaven with our prayers that God will give her the strength to carry on.  We can tell our friends and neighbours how proud we are of her, but more importantly we can learn a great lesson.  We should not be afraid to shout our beliefs from the rooftops.  We should not be ashamed to proclaim what we believe to the world.  We must stand for truth or we will fall for lies. 

Chris Beneteau         

2 thoughts on “Standing up to homo-fascism

  1. Yes, I agree, we definitely need to support each other in this battle for the truth, and for what we believe is right. Carrie Prejean, your are one brave lady, and a trooper. Thanks for standing up for traditional marriage. God Bless you!

  2. Miss Prejean’s answer pointed up an IMPORTANT aspect of proclaiming the good news in season and out.

    We need to KNOW our material, and not try to sugar coat it, nor cushion it.

    I have seen assorted commentaries on this issue, and the anti-life, anti-truth propagandist stooges all jumped on the incorrect statements she made immediately preceding her testament to the truth.

    The purveyors of anti-truth propaganda latched onto that error to discredit her thereby reducing the credibility of her message. As much as they are evil in their intent, they know how to play the game to their advantage.

    Speak the truth plainly.

    Kudos to Miss Prejean.

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