St. Mary Student Thugs – Part II

Crazy banchies. This is what our “universities” are churning out.


As an alumnus of St. Mary’s, I wish I could say this was a surprise. However, given my own experiences at that school I must admit it was completely predictable.

About 5 years ago I was attending St. Mary’s. One afternoon the school had some “visitors” from the “National Action Committee for the Status of Women” The two representatives were your stereotypical feminists of today. They both had crew cuts, no makeup, dirty clothes and very strident voices. Their arguments were predictable as well, and consisted mainly of these two “womyn” describing how 90% of women were going to be sexually assaulted before they were 30, that marriage is society’s way of legalizing the rape of women, and that the only true love a woman could find in today’s world was from…you guessed it…other women.
I started to ask some questions (aka heckling) “Where did you get those numbers from?” What constitutes sexual assault” “How much money do you get from the sexual-assaulters…in the form of taxes?” (you get the idea)

After ignoring my questions for a short time, one of the “ladies” directed her attack at me. She explained that ANYTHING a male said that was deemed offensive or derogatory could be considered sexual assault. Hmmm. I guess telling a blonde joke is just as offensive to these “womyn” as rape. I started to dispute her points and they both tried to shout me down. Several of the female students present told the two reps to let me speak, but many more were giving me dirty looks. Finally, after realizing I wasn’t going anywhere, the more mannish of the two finally asked me what my opinion was with regards to women. I told the truth. I said I loved women. As often as the opportunity presented itself. (they had NO sense of humour….though many of the students got a chuckle out of it)
They finally tired of my interuptions and asked me point blank if I knew anything about the NAC on the status of Women. I told them that as far as I was concerned, the National Action Committee for the Status of Women was nothing more than a government funded recruiting drive for Lesbians.

Oh boy….that got them going. Needless to say, I barely made it out of there intact. By the way…the Lesbian wearing the “wife beater”…looked like she had two midgets in a headlock. Gaia doesn’t approve of shaving one’s pits it seems.

On another point, with regards to the safety of various presenters, you can be sure that the violence would have come from the anti-semites that infest that University. I still remember the students from a certain religiouss background who wore shirts or had decals celebrating such glorious moments such as 9-11, or the bombing of the Cole.

The University Administration isn’t looking out for free speech or their students. They’re trying to avoid the FATWA. Oh…and foreign students bring so much more money in.



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