One thought on “St. Katharine Drexel: How a millionaire became a nun

  1. One can also mention how a prominent Catholic Educator after silent Chapel prayer with me at Good Shepherd; organized politically concerned parents and citizens across Canada with the help of his friends.Concerned parents were coming to his house asking for his legal help,as the justice authorities were on the side of the sexual predators who claimed the children consented.You can also imagine who’s side our popular Media Moguls were on. When The Canadian Parliament majority did not raise the age of sex consent in 2005 as righteous parents asked them,The Canadian Supreme Court majority declared consenting 14 year old’s as consenting adults on December 22,2005 a few days before Christmas.This made Canada a legal destination for Sex trafficking Predators and Pedophiles as a human right.

    Finally by hard political work and informing the public we convinced our Majority of Members Of Parliament to raise the age of sex consent in 2008,ending the legal exploitation of children,for a short moment. Every time perversion is legalized by Parliament or The Supreme Court Of Canada it takes years of hard political work,and money to convince Canadians to pressure Parliament to reverse evil Bills they passed into law.How easily they are lulled to political apathy and indifference again.It’s good to see at least one Arch Bishop waking up to this evil indoctrination of Canadian school children,which is a direct result of political apathy and indifference in our democracies.Take note those who confirm saints,I won’t mention names as many of our Bishops and Priests know them.

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