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A prominent blogger in Toronto (former resident of Ottawa) has written several posts on St Joe’s. He forwarded to me an email from a former parishioner who has seen the light and wants to expose more abuses. She was active in the parish for 8 years. The list seems very credible as I have reported many of the same things. I can confirm that the one partner of the Lesbian couple running the LGBT group  is also on the parish council and works as a teacher at an Intermediate school in OCSB.

 Some of the abuses include:

 – There is a gay pride/alliance group that openly meets at the church and has taken part in the pride parade. This is run by a lesbian couple, one of whom is an employee at a Catholic middle school in Ottawa.

– using rice crackers for the Eucharist for those with wheat and gluten intolerance

– using a kind of cookie for the Eucharist that is made by members of the parish. The cookie is dark brown and, depending on who makes it, is flavoured with different spices and honey/molasses. The children will make their own little loaf to use for their first Communion. 

– Several times I have witnessed Extra-ordinary Eucharistic ministers/altar servers take the crumbs left in the basket after Mass (they do not use a paten) and shake them in the garbage. Crumbs would fly all over the place. They would also offer any person walking by to help them eat the leftovers. 

– During a funeral I attended there, they allowed a group of Muslims to lead in prayer in Arabic for the deceased during the service.

– There are NO kneelers in the church other than one row in the back. The congregation never kneels but instead stands during consecration, etc.

– Women and laity regularly will give a reflection in place of a priest’s homily, often material goes against teachings of the Church.

– The prayers of the faithful have included praying for lobsters and sea creatures (seriously) .

– There are NO confessionals in the Church. One confessional in the back left (if facing the altar) is actually a huge door that opens up into a kitchen. The rest of the confessionals are used to store music equipment and chairs. They will offer general absolution during Lent and Advent but other than that one has to make an appointment.

– Members of the choir often practice in the sanctuary and are not respectful at all. I have witnessed the leader of the choir dancing and running around in front of the altar.

– The decorations in the church do not include a crucifix anywhere. Instead they have had gay rainbow flags, giant dream catchers, banners, etc.

– There is a snack time in the back of the sanctuary after Mass. No reverence at all for the holy space.

– Liturgical ‘dance’ by children using neon coloured birds and butterflies on a stick during the processional in the early morning Mass.

For completeness, I also mention some things from the Parish Guidebook ( )
– yoga with chants
– Healing Touch (ie. Therapeutic Touch) – by Clara Nasello CND. “Therapeutic Touch™ is an energy-field modality that is a contemporary interpretation of several ancient healing practices”
– Attitudinal Healing: 
EVERY bulletin is full of bizarre things:
(Note the special outreach from OCSB teachers to student teachers)

2 thoughts on “St. Joke’s Parish

  1. There are many problematic elements in that parish, reading through the guide-book.

    The worst is making Eucharistic bread not in conformity with what is licit or even valid.

    That in itself would certainly bring down the wrath of God.

    You don’t fool around with the substance of the Eucharist like that – anyone with an ounce of pietas can see that!

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