St. Joe’s Homosexual Update

From a reader….

Check out the latest bulletin from St. Joe’s

1) They appear to have displayed Catholic and/or St Joe’s material at the Ottawa Pride march as they had at least 1 homosexual Catholic man approach them.

Quote from Bulletin: “Happy Pride Day” rang out as I marched in the parade on Sunday. I marched in the parade for two reasons: 1) I thought it would be fun, and 2) I wanted to support friends. To be honest, I really did not give it much thought. As I walked, I felt happiness filling the streets as so many people came to walk or watch in support of accepting equality for all. This I expected — and yet something else happened. We met people who were surprised and openly pleased that representatives from a Catholic church would be in the parade. (I thought how sad that we are seen as exclusive). One man came to us and asked if it was true “that there is a place where I can practise my Catholic faith as a gay man, because I would like to go there.” I can not put into words the joy on his face as he was assured of a welcome, but it brought to my mind the idea that, as disciples of Jesus, we are called to welcome the stranger. I was not expecting to be a missionary that day, but in being together we did plant a seed and that seed will grow. Next year, let us all join in the parade. Who knows where God will lead us?”

2) They now omit the Creed on most Sundays in violation of the GIRM:

“The Creed: You will notice that we recite the Creed only during the seasons of Advent and Christmas, Lent and Easter, and on special occasions. We believe that our very presence here and our participation speaks of our faith.”

3) The usual push to get students from the UO Teachers’ College, etc etc are also in the Bulletin. Also, New Age “Healing Touch”, etc

This will not go on forever, thanks be to God.  It will end…even if we have to wait a little longer.  God have mercy on the Church leadership in this country for allowing this to continue in the Church that Jesus founded.  There will be a stern accounting to be had.

3 thoughts on “St. Joe’s Homosexual Update

  1. The Oblates clearly own the property and the building so I am not sure what he can do. If he orders them to yield on all the heresy, error and liturgical abuse, what does he do if they refuse? The fact is, they already know they are wrong, they don’t care. They won’t obey him, regardless of what he does or says. The Archdiocese does not own the property and they make that perfectly clear on their webpage and other places. They are flipping him the bird.

    Perhaps we could find this out from a canonist.

    However, if he can refuse to go there and if he can’t suppress them he can warn the faithful of the errors being taught there and the liturgicals abuses and that they should not attend, but that is a whole other kettle of fish.

  2. Tell the Archbishop to take out Catholic from St. Joseph’s Church and by suppressing them he can forbid the priests there from celebrating the sacraments including Mass.

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