St. Catharines congregation wonders why Bishop James Wingle vanished

Some time ago, a reader of Socon or Bust told me about some disturbing revelations about St. Catherines and it wasn’t pretty.  When he told me the details, I had a faint idea that it was going to come to light shortly.  And it has.  Whether Bishop Wingle is in on it, we will soon find out.

Folks, as I have been saying for some time, do not trust any bishop or priest whom you have not known personally for a very long time.  Even the ones “denouncing” sexual abuse or might be described as “conservative” is no guarantee.  Sometimes these perverts do that to provide cover for their hidden lives.  

Don’t be a useful idiot to the lavendar mafia.    There’s a whole clique in the Canadian Church which is homosexualist and they cover for one another very well.

Follow the Holy Father’s teaching.  Everything else is potentially bupkis.  And as for everything else, smile, wave, but don’t give them a dime, and don’t be taken in.  Find yourself a good and holy priest and hold on for dear life.

Nooses and millstones for the bishops of the Church who refuse to repent and let this garbage continue.

Nooses and millstones.

UPDATE: Reverse Course: Don’t Buy The Media Spin

13 thoughts on “St. Catharines congregation wonders why Bishop James Wingle vanished

  1. Pacheco,
    According to the Eganville Leader (small weekly from Bishop Wingle’s home town), his sister says that he stepped down as bishop for reasons of ill health in the wake of a battle with prostate cancer.
    It’s a sad commentary on the times that one would hope that such horrible news if true is considered better than other possible alternatives.
    Fr. Tim

  2. That could be true, Father. But as the good book says, “Nothing hidden will not be exposed.”

    Sooner or later, it’s all going to come out.

    If Bishop Wingle is innocent, it was not prudent of him to…

    1) Retire without giving a reason, amid the homosexual crisis the Church is undergoing….

    2) Take off without letting anyone know…

    These are not good optics, if he is innocent, Father.

  3. I agree with John. He’s a BISHOP. He may not be responsible for a diocese, but that doesn’t mean he can just disappear.

    You don’t just disappear vaguely without a word for prostate cancer. He MUST know this looks suspicious.

  4. Yes, but where did he go afterwards? He did disappear, in the literal sense that nobody knows of his whereabouts. Not even the diocese. That’s not normal.

    How many times in your life have you disappeared for a month without telling a soul where you were?

    And he left right in the middle of a controversy surrounding pedophile priests in his diocese. That’s disturbing.

  5. To answer your question: Lots of times. I like to travel without plans. I guess it’s a little unusal but when I travel I like to go to places on whim and I often travel alone. (Most people can’t travel at the drop of the hat like I can. I don’t have a problem going alone, I’m very extroverted.) The longest I’ve been away on a single trip is six months.

    I don’t think the average person knows there is a pedophile controversy in his area. That is disturbing. Still I don’t like to be sucked in by the media. I’ve read good things about Bishop Wingle. Out of charity, I’ll continue to believe the good until something else is proven.

  6. Susan,

    This is not about merely being away. This is about the guy he put in charge not knowing where he is and with lots of unopened mail piling up. This is also about the main communication guy in Canada (Fr. Rosica) not knowing how to respond…which is a first in his life I am sure.

    If he was going somewhere for treatement or for retreat, you tell the guy who is in charge something to that effect. There would have been no story, if the Msgr. in charge had said, ‘the bishop is away getting treatment’ or ‘the bishop is away on retreat’. Neither of those answers were given.

    In the Catholic Church, when one bishop takes over from another, there are three bishops present…the one retiring, the one being installed and the Papal nuncio. This shows publicly that the transition was “smooth” and the entire Church Community knows who is now in charge and what is going on. That is done specifically so there is no scandal or idle gossip.

    While we cannot say if Bishop Wingle is involved in any sexual abuse cover up, he has created a scandal by not following proper protocol.

    Like Fr. Rosica says, something “smells”. Either way, we’ll know soon enough.

  7. Fr. Rosica is quoted as saying “He’s out of the country — that’s all we know.” He must have been told something to know that much.

    People may be curious and have questions but at this point I think I’ll stick with Bishop Paul-Andre Durocher who said “I believe there’s a right to personal privacy. This can be a very private issue which has nothing to do with what is preoccupying people, and I think we have to respect that.”

  8. Over the weekend, I posted a link to a Toronto Star article which covered the mysterious disappearance of Bishop James Wingle, the Ordinary of St. Catharines.

    After some reflection on the article from that liberal rag and the things that were said in it, and after some discussion with some friends about Bishop Wingle, I want to publicly distance myself from any innuendo surrounding Bishop Wingle that my blog post might have caused.

    Please pray for the good Bishop. The lavendar mafia in the Church is well entrenched and exacting a terrible price on good men.


    And speaking of bizarre, do you not find it strange that Fr. Tom Rosica went off the wagon with this statement?

    “It doesn’t smell right,” says Rosica, a Toronto-based member of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, which advises the Pope on, among other things, how to handle sex abuse scandals.

    “When the (resignation) announcement came out, I had a number of bishops phoning me and say, ‘What the hell is going on?’ And I said, ‘You’re asking me!’ ”

    Is this the proper disposition and language for an official spokesperson for the Catholic Church?

    “What the hell is going on?”

    Tsk, tsk, Father. Such crude language for someone normally careful and calculating. Such an overreaction.

    In fact, I think there is a story within a story here.

    Let’s get to the root of the story:

    1) Who tipped the Toronto Star reporters off that Bishop Wingle was not around anymore?

    2) What pressure was put on Bishop Wingle to resign and where did it come from?

    Something doesn’t smell right, but it’s not coming from from where the wind is blowing.

  9. In our country, people are considered innocent until they are PROVEN guilty.
    So the nasty speculations about Bishop Wingle are unfair. As for the reasons he didn’t explain more in his resignation letter, I’m not sure I’d want my health issues spread all over the news. Also, most of us, when we’re not feeling well (even with something as simple as a flu bug), we don’t think things through as clearly or as thoroughly as when we are at our healthiest. Let’s give the Bishop the benefit of the doubt, until we have all the facts. In the meantime, let’s pray for him & his successor.

  10. I am not currently a practicising Catholic because of the abuse we hear so much about, But;
    I have known Bishop Wingle for many many years, spent time with him in the Seminary and feel strongly he has always been an exemplary character and a great example of a Christian. He has always shown his faith as an example to others and I for one would be very interested in knowing the reasons why he has taken his sabbatical.

  11. Maybe Bishop Wengle was a good man, but he has to man up and stand up and be honest and truthful.

    These very men indoctrinated us into the faith from childhood that it is sinful to LIE, and COVERUP SIN. These very holy men haven’t got a clue themselves what it means to HONEST and face TRUTH. The sex abuse scandal in the catholic church is worldwide. Thousands of catholic priests have molested OUR children, and many thousands of catholic priests/bishops/cardinals knew about OUR children being raped and did nothing. They all have valuable information that authorities could use to prosecute the criminals. Its sad that these so called men of the cloth believe they have celebrity status like Lindsay Lohen and are above the law. A crime is a crime no matter who commits it. Shame on them!

  12. C ANN: You are just making up excuses for this bishop. I am sure at your place of employment you know when someone is sick and someone is not. What does he have to hide?

    There is a perverted sub culture within the catholic church.

    Priests share living quarters with priests from their diocese. All priests know personal information about each priest. ALL priests know who the good priests are who the drunks are and yes, who the child rapists are. ALL priests know what priests have been moved from parish to parish who have buggered our children, these priests stand up on the pulpit every sunday looking straight into the eyes of the families whose children have been molested knowing these dirty secrets and say nothing, making fools of its followers.

    Corrupt corporations even have whistleblowers, but the defeaning silence by the catholic clergy about the sexual abusing priests is criminal and sinful itself. Each priest is complicit of what is going on and yet not ONE priest has ever come forward to finger a bad priest. It has always been the brave victims who have suffered at the hands of these monsters and the so called good priests stoodbye looking the other way. Shame on them………I was raised a catholic 60 years ago and like most catholics today do not associate with the church anymore.

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