Spreading the truth about Development and Peace in Québec

(Lire cet article français)

Campaign Life Coalition’s Québec branch, called Campagne Québec-Vie, held a pro-life conference in Québec City last week.

A key part of the program was discussing the Development and Peace (D&P) scandal. Media and blog coverage of the crisis has been sparse in Québec, and almost all coverage has been obfuscation in defense of D&P.

But that’s starting to change. CLC’s conference reached out to some people who may have never heard of the scandal before.

A DVD of the conference will be produced in the coming days.

Bloggers will also be writing more posts in French. Such pesky parasites and agitators are we!

CLC also launched a petition on D&P, available both in English and en français.

Socon or Bust has its own petition over here.

Spread the word! The tide is turning!

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