Splitsville for D&P?

From a reader…

A post from the D & P blog shows the incredible tensions in the organization. Loosely translated the title is “The Sacking of Development and Peace”.


The bloggers are incredibly unhappy with direction Development and Peace has taken since the D & P scandal has broken. And apparently the membership seems to be in agreement with these sentiments.

Michael Casey is strongly criticized for going along with the bishops in the higher interests of the organization. He and the leadership consider him to be autocratic, that he does not take into account the wishes of the membership. Many regional assemblies had voted for a strongly political autumn campaign (which had been cancelled, if you remember). Many people have quit D & P and the blog gives the impression that the membership is demoralized.

This quote is key:

Le personnel et bon nombre de membres se retrouvent avec des orientations et priorités – affirmer d’abord l’identité et l’enseignement catholique – qui n’ont plus rien à voir avec la mission originale de solidarité internationale de DP.


The staff and a good number of members now have orientations and priorities– affirming Catholic indentity and doctrine– that have nothing to do with the original mission of D & P or international solidarity.

[Like an org started by Catholic bishops should have nothing to do with this!]

Here’s another key quote:

Le Conseil national, comme bien d’autres que l’on connait, disent agir «par respect pour les préoccupations de nos évêques» (en fait quelques conservateurs), ou «dans l’intérêt supérieur de l’ensemble de notre organisation». Intérêt de qui? De quoi? De l’Église? De la CECC? Du virage conservateur imposé? Il y a de quoi s’inquiéter grandement quand on entend cette phrase lors d’un Conseil national : «L’identité catholique ce sont les évêques et on doit leur obéir». Au centre de la foi chrétienne c’est Jésus Christ et son Évangile. N’ont-ils jamais entendu parler d’un certain Jésus et de ses critiques des autorités religieuses et civiles et de son action politique radicale au Temple de Jérusalem?


The National Council, as many others that we know, say that they act “out of respect for the concerns of our bishops (in fact, a few conservatives), or “in the higher interest of our organization.” Whose interests? What interests? Of the Church? Of the CCCB? Of the imposed conservative shift? There is a lot to be worried about when we hear this phrase from National Council: “Catholic identity is the bishops and we must obey them.” At the centre of the Christian faith is Jesus Christ and his Gospel. Have they never heard of a certain Jesus and his criticisms of civil and religious authorities and his radical political action in the Temple at Jerusalem?

And while I’m at it, I’ll translate the last paragraph:

Si la direction de DP poursuit son putch, DP va devenir un autre Vision Mondiale et perdra son âme. Des partenaires du Sud vont en souffrir et beaucoup de militants vont aller militer ailleurs. Avant d’en arriver là, un changement majeur doit survenir à DP… «dans l’intérêt supérieur de l’ensemble de notre organisme».


If management at D & P continues its putsch, D & P will become another World Vision and will lose its soul. Partners in the South will suffer and many activists will operate elsewhere. Before we get to that point, a major change must take place at D & P “in the higher interests of our organisation.”

I had to laugh when I read this blogpost. They’re dying because they can’t do their socialist thing.


My friends, could the end be near for Development & Peace?  There is a mutiny a foot and the executive is going to get the boot.  When the new D&P executive is elected, there will be a formal parting of ways with the Catholic Church in Canada. 

Mes amisSocon or Bust is always here to help out the Church with authentic social justice…but my phone hasn’t been ringing yet.

2 thoughts on “Splitsville for D&P?

  1. The end will be final for D&P (Deceive & Pervert) when faithful Catholics simply start ignoring their benighted bishops’ pleas to provide financial support for that odious organization. I for one thoroughly enjoy donating nothing more than anti-D&P literature in my envelope when the collection is taken up for them each year, in the hopes that someone in that system reads it and has a change of heart and is encouraged to leave it altogether.

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