Spiritual Motherhood of Priests and the Tonic of Anonymity

With all of the garbage that we’ve had to endure over the past several years with the sex abuse scandal and the recent tragic falls of well-known celebrity priests, let us not EVER forget the incredible sacrifice that 99% of our holy Catholic priests make.  It’s not easy being a priest these days for obvious reasons.  If a poor pastor is not getting abused by some modernist congregation, he is mocked and insulted when he steps outside of the Church and into the public view.

Let us not forget that a priest is the image of God the Father and an alter Christus.  They need to be held up in prayer.

For many years in our seminaries, priests were taught to be professionals instead of a self-offering.  Those who choose the latter instead of the former need our most fervent support.  And those who choose the former need our prayers of conversion.

Something everyone can do: Encourage our priests!  And something only women can do:  Spiritual Motherhood of Priests. (Canadian version to be updated shortly.)

On July 1, at St. Maurice Parish, some 60 women from Ottawa (many from St. Maurice) devoted their lives to praying for our priests.  Each spiritual mother has adopted one priest who was assigned to each of them.  Neither the priest nor the spiritual mother know the identity of the other.  The Spiritual mother receives one personal letter from the priest at the induction ceremony (held once a year for new members), and commits to following a spiritual regiment for the rest of their lives for that priest alone They will never have any other communication from that priest again in their lives in the context of their praying ministry.  It’s a beautiful spiritual relationship, in part because it’s anonymous.  Neither the priest nor the mother know the identity of the other. In fact, it’s so anonymous that the spiritual mother could die and the priest would not know, although he will benefit from her prayers in heaven.  And vice versa too!  

In an age of “look-at-me” spirituality and “look-at-me” everything, anonymity is the tonic against our self-indulgent and narcisstic age.  And it’s exactly what we need to engage in the spiritual warfare to keep our priests faithful and holy.

It’s an incredible responsibility and blessing to pray for a particular priest…to co-operate most intimately in the saving work of Christ, but also to have that priest pray for the spiritual mother too.  It works both ways.

The shallowness of feminism which seeks to ordain women to the priesthood just does not appreciate the special and indispensable role of women in the Church.  It’s all power politics to feminists.  Little do they realize that without praying women and spiritual mothers, the Church and the World would be doomed.

That’s why salvation came to humanity through a woman.

2 thoughts on “Spiritual Motherhood of Priests and the Tonic of Anonymity

  1. one of the most beautiful ideas I have heard in a while…wow…this will put a smile on my sombre face and a spring in my step for the rest of the day!

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